Ad Banner Graveyard

Here’s the new Ad Banner Graveyard. Kind of like an Aeroplane Graveyard, cool to snoop around in, and you never know how intriguing the story behind each one is, or how it even came to be here.

Of course feel free to use them if you are also promoting the events or whatever. I don’t think the teams or creators behind them will mind more eyes (and ears?) in front of them, lol. I’m adding this as a post rather than a page, for the moment, so the blog isn’t idle for too long, but also to see how the post count tallies up over time. The plan is to add all the ad banners here that we’ve been lucky enough to display to the (hello) world! So this could become a cool gallery type place perhaps, to view the various pieces, or for other advertizers or calendar websites could use. Ok that’s it for now, talk soon.