Brute Force Attacks

So, like, it looks like the brute force login attempts are picking up again on this site. I just added google analytics back and have deactivated a bunch of plugins and am still looking at taking this domain to the next step in the future. May have to look at moving away from WordPress to […]

Display NFTs in WordPress Revisited

NFTs Displayed in WordPress Updated 10/24/22 Back last April when the iframe worked for embedding an OpenSea collection page (which now is blocked), we embedded NFTs from there or other various platforms using a iframe, the help of two plugins: iframe shortcode plugin, and a fullwidth page template plugin, to make the collection page fit […]

React Three Fiber Metaverse

Barely Coding Hashlips Metaverse We’ve been hacking on a couple of React Three Fiber tutorials where the website is fully interactive 3D environment. Really digging what we’ve seen so far. An amazing tutorial series that Hashlips has released, and a couple of great videos from BarelyCoding and also Learn With Jason on Youtube helped make […]

Old Ethereum NFTs Linagee Name Registrar

An old domain register contract from 2015 was rediscovered and is currently having a comeback with hundreds of thousands of domain name NFTs minted in the past couple of days. The early ENS style contract was found and linked with a front end that lets users mint names. Several NFT historians and many veterans from […]

NFT Rarity Ranking with Moralis

NFT Rarity Ranking We’ve been hacking a bit at a NFT rarity app and have a local project going. NFT Rarity is a fascinating subject, that could be applied I’m thinking to many different collections of items with differing traits. Maybe not only with regards to art, or scarcity of traits in a NFT collection, […]