HTML iframe NFTs

New Youtube video is up, 🆕 also a link to the Github repo (MIT), that contains the code (HTML, CSS). It’s a look at using an iframe to embed an OpenSea NFT collection into your website. Following the OpenSea help pages I’m also appending the OpenSea referral code, but tbh I’m not sure if it […]

HUMBL to The Moon 🚀

After HUMBL CEO Brian Foote’s recent interview with Charles Payne on Fox Business, and a positive mention by wealth strategist and finance guru Rob Luna, HUMBL is making friendships, finalizing deals (Tickeri) and revealing more details to their roadmap at a pace that is knocking it out of the park. A VIP tour of HUMBL’s […]

Gamestop NFTs

Gamestop is hiring developers and putting a team together for it’s upcoming foray into NFTs! Check out their cool splash page that animates as you scroll down the page and then lists a jobs posting, hiring , React, Solidity and marketing devs and such. Give me about a year and I hope to be in […]

HUMBL NFT Gallery Soft Launch

Today marked the soft launch of HUMBL’s new NFT Marketplace. The NFT gallery soft launched today with a collection of photographs by Smallz + Raskind. Smallz + Raskind are curating the first run of NFTs with several celebrity and band photos, Clint Eastwood, Kim Kardashian, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gwen Stefani, Jordan Peele with more […]

New NFT Start up

HUMBL inc is a new start up company that went public on the OTC markets, is a global blockchain payment and investment company with a NFT division. Today PR they announced acquisition of Monster Creative studios, well know for their work in the movie and advertising Hollywood blockbusters. Their CEO said the NFT marketplace will […]