Art101 NFT Medicis

Art101 has unveiled a new web3 NFT gallery that links to on and off-chain metadata and images for all their NFT drops as well as each NFT marketplace listing, which I believe is a step towards making sure the NFTs are immutable and decentralized to stand the test of time. Patrn’s team ( looks to […]

Reddit Cryptocurrency Roundup

Here’s the latest r/Cryptocurrency Monthly NFT roundup hosted by jwintern of the Art101 / Patrn tune in and replay to listen in. Market stuff, Looksrare, OpenSea,, The Other Side, Akudreams drops all covered and more news from the last month. April Monthly NFT roundup – guests from TIEXO on Solana, OneOf on Tezos, […]

JP Friends Royalties

JP & Friends, a now sold out NFT drop, available on the secondary markets like OpenSea, that was submitted and listed here on Non-fungi back in November ’21, announced in their Discord a weekly royalties payout to qualified JPF holders. Eligible winners to be picked on Mondays through June 6th. Also have teased at a […]

Parlay Raffle an Okay Bear

Over on one of The Parlay NFT / Solbouncers raffle sites Shogun Empourium V2, just today was the end of the raffle, 0.2 SOL each ticket, for an Okay Bear NFT only worth roughly $10k, one today traded for 400 SOL on Magic Eden. The winner @argy_wpCHA CHING! was announced, and only recently found out […]

Blockstars on a Roll

The Music Managment game influenced and modelled on games like Football Manager, Diablo and Eve, announced today some major announcements in their Discord. On top of the addition of a NGMI addition to the roadmap, the in game coin $ROL seed airdrip feed is over! A new busking and practicing gameplay is about to […]