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Animated ART101 NFTisse SVG

Returned for another free export save using the free software. Using art from a newly minted NFT from ART101, a charming Matisse cut-out inspired NFT drop, artist Carty Sewill. These guys have links to the IPFS hash of the PNG and also SVG files for the artwork images in each NFT metadata. After navigating […]

NFT Launch Generators Auto Mint Platforms and Decentralized Storage

From Hashlips to SVG Stack We’ve seen several NFT projects, from individual artists and teams, that use various third party tools or platforms to aide in bringing their drop through incubation to deployment and beyond. Notably, for the NFT art-work in a generative style drop, with differing rarity of traits, usually in larger collections from […]

New Crypto Charts

New Top 100 Crypto Coin Charts We’ve added some new Crypto Charts, includes 24hr and 7 day moves, see this Crypto Coin top 100 list. For those times when you’re not logged in to your exchange or whatever, from the comfort of, you can keep up to date. We’ll be customizing the tools page […]