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Astral Kingdom

Astral Kingdom

NFT Drop Details: 1,111 Astrology-based membership-pass NFTs for access to The Web3 Spiritual Community. We’re building a community of wellness, The Spiritual DAO, and the Astral Kingdom NFT Collections serve as membership passes to join! Beginning with Capricorn, the Astral Kingdom will release an NFT collection for every zodiac sign. Profits fill a treasury and […]

Crypto Frog Frens

Crypto Frog Frens

NFT Drop Details: January 20, 2022 web-site: https://www.cryptofrogfrens.io twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoFrogFrens discord: http://discord.gg/cryptofrogfrens 19.01.2022 - whitelist pre-sale: 0.07 eth 20.01.2022 - public sale: 0.09 eth Crypto Frog Frens is a reincarnation of a classic NFT collection Crypto Pixel Pepe born in March of 2021. Each frog is a 25x25 pixel art image, only 1 pixel away […]

Cats Corporation – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Cats Corporation – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena NFT Drop Details: Cats Corporation community is a mix of cats and techs enthusiasts. We’ve come together to create an innovative ecosystem based on up-to-date technologies for everyone who believes in a transparent WEB 3.0 era future.   Dates: 20/01/2022 Blockchain: Ethereum URLs: Website: https://thecatscorporation.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/catscorporation Discord: […]

Ghost Cats Club

NFT Drop Details: Ghost Cats Club is the most community-focused project on solana. Aiming to be the best community and build a very strong DAO. NFT Drop URL https://ghostcatsclub.com

AstroArmy DAO

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain: Solana Website: https://www.astroarmy.io Discord: https://discord.gg/8QrvaDr2J3 Twitter: https://twitter.com/astroarmynft Description: 🪐 AstroArmy DAO is a collection of 3,333 hand painted NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 📋 Our whitelist has launched so make sure to visit our discord for more details! What makes AstroArmy unique: 1. Fractional share of high-growth assets (both digital and […]

🧧 Fortune Friends Club Drop 🧧

Fortune Friends Club

🧧 Fortune Friends Club Drop 🧧 NFT Drop Details: Celebrating Asian culture with a collection of 8,888 cute lil’ Baos to remind you of values we care about the most – food, friends & fortune. FFC is led by an Asian female founder, based in Australia. We’re building crypto-funded Asian Creatives Studio, a launchpad for […]

CryptoSoup NFT

NFT Drop Details: https://twitter.com/cryptosoupNFT https://discord.gg/BWN2NET34R Inspired by Warhol, adapted for crypto. The CryptoSoup NFT Genesis Collection will mint on Jan 29th and consist of ONLY 250 unique CryptoSoup NFTs in our "classic" design language. Mint price will be .075 ETH + gas. Over the course of 2022, there will be a total of 1,962 CryptoSoup […]


Project Name: AiCasso Project Website: https://aicasso.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ai_casso Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aicasso Opensea: Mint available directly on our website - there is no opensea listing for our project we will be on a represented on a different marketplace. Release Date: 30th of January Mint Price: 1 Avax Numbers of items: 3000 Currency: Avax Blockchain: Avalanche Starting Price: […]

The Oasis DAO

NFT Drop Details: Oasis DAO is a Metaverse DAO for Solana. We aim to become the founders of the Metaverse. You can be an NFT artist with an innovative idea who needs technical support, or a crypto newbie interested in GameFi looking for educational research content, or an angel investor searching for the next up-and-coming […]

Hex NFT – Own your color


NFT Drop Details: Whether you’re a brand or just a color enthusiast, now you can own your favorite color and showcase it to the world. Hex NFT is the first blockchain certificate of color. What you get - Color that nobody else owns - Ability to name this color whatever you want - Verifiable ownership […]

The Mask Society NFTs

NFT Drop Details: The Mask Society DAO embodies the power of self-empowerment and action. They reveal themselves in MetaVerse with boldness, to take on today's world where anything seems possible if only you have enough courage or money for it! "We are the Mask Society! We empower you with our new identity to take action […]

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