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The Etherian Knights from the Metaverse

The Etherian Knights from the Metaverse Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: In a not so distant future, in a galaxy near, nearby, 4 species of Cryptonian Warriors are fighting to become the Crypto that rules them all. Help them gaining dominance over the other by supporting your favorite blockchain. The Etherian Knights are the first […]

AI Premium Collection by Artificial Paintings

AI Premium Collection by Artificial Paintings Blockchain: BSC NFT Drop Details: 218 unique NFTs divided into thematic series. Bonus: only first 3 buyers of this NFT will receive a free physical copy printed on Museum Fine Art Paper (60x60cm) with float Glass and Classic Frame. The painting was generated by AI. One-of-a-Kind. We used the […]


SOL MONSTER NFT Blockchain: Solana NFT Drop Details: A land besieged by an enemy coming from the pit of Hell, as declared: "Upon the foes arrival will we stumble. Through the 2222, we might rise once more" The Monster, are have descended on earth to avenge for their brother which was killed by the demon […]

Original Collective

Original Collective Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: The first NFT collection where teh NFT community creates the NFTs. NFT Drop URL https://originalcollective.io/

Diggity Dogs NFT

Diggity Dogs NFT Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: Diggity Dogs is collection of 9k randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding a Diggity Dog NFT will grant you a vote in our DAO and access to benefits such as IRL meet ups, contests, giveaways, $Diggy token and many other surprises. We want to support […]


ReformeDogs Blockchain: Solana NFT Drop Details: 2,049 unique Reformed dogs programmatically generated from over 102+ possible traits. All characteristics and accessories are designed and handcrafted by a team of artists. Our collection will be hosted on the blockchain Solana. You will own the intellectual property and commercial rights of your Reformed Dogs ©. You can […]

Rat Boy Dystopia Gangs NFT Drop

Rat Boy Dystopia Gangs NFT Drop Blockchain: Polygon NFT Drop Details: Cult UK multimedia artist and musician, Rat Boy, reveals the NFT drop of 4 gangs (4 songs, each with a gang logo). The ‘Dystopia World’ gang NFTs are only available to those who HOLD a ‘Dystopia Membership’ NFT. Dystopia World is the creation of […]

HypersoundsNFT Gods

HypersoundsNFT Gods Blockchain: Solana NFT Drop Details: Hypersounds aims to bring order in the music industry's chaos. Music enthusiasts and artists who want to see music evolve in the web3 space are welcome to join our community - we plan to host metaverse & real life events while also providing a web3 launchpad for established […]

Bored Human

Bored Human Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: BoredHuman NFT is the FIRST high-utility Human PFP NFT project on ETH. The project consists of 1,500 REAL photographs taken one by one in a photoshoot studio featuring the legendary BAYC accessories. Real photographs, real utility! Holders will get access to a sniping bot for marketplaces and an […]

Leadoff Series Lineup 6


Leadoff Series Lineup 6 Blockchain: Other NFT Drop Details: Candy Digital, in partnership with MLB and MLB Players, Inc., will have its 6th drop of the 2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series on Tuesday, June 14 at noon ET. The 2022 Leadoff ICON packs is a six part series layered with releases to keep your collection […]


OMNIBirds Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: OMNIBird NFTs are a collection of non-fungible tokens, which we at OMNI Money are offering for purchase to help fund the delivery of our personal finance management application! The NFT mint will produce 9,999 unique tokens featuring our UK trademarked logo and will come with utility perks to include […]


FULL METAL RABBIT - KOSMO Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: FULL METAL RABBIT - KOSMO Avatar NFT Collection is a hand drawn, uniquely designed NFT with real utility and engagement integrated from the onset for future gamification, backed and produced by an international creative team, laying the strong foundation behind this project and it’s future. […]

Viking Art collective

Viking Art collective Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: The membership includes access to our private Discord server, early access to the Viking Art NFT drops and other products. To participate, you must purchase and hold the Viking Art Membership NFT. To participate and be whitelisted for the initial mint you can pre-register here on PREMINT. […]


Unidoodle is a collection of 1133 NFTs, DAO, Staking and $UNIDO Blockchain: Solana NFT Drop Details: Unidoodle is a collection of 1133 NFTs You're Whitelisted, and it gets better! First 500 NFT's by UniDoodle are FREE! Mint: https://unidoodle.xyz Staking and Utility token will be available after mint. We are a group of crypto enthusiast nerds […]


Aotuverse Blockchain: Solana NFT Drop Details: June 15th 5 PM UTC 2.50 SOL https://twitter.com/AotuverseNFT https://discord.com/invite/aotuverse https://www.facebook.com/aotuverse https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHkRWtVIwknwaR9-U4x4p3w https://www.instagram.com/aotuverse/ https://t.me/Aotuverse https://aotuverse.io/ The second most popular anime franchise in China, AOTU is coming to the blockchain. As the first anime-themed game with an existing multi-million person fan base to make the technology leap, Aotuverse is set to […]

WeDream Founders Pass NFT

WeDream Founders Pass NFT Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: Allowlist Mint is live 6/14/2022 starting at 12PM EST! Public Mint is live 6/15/2022 starting at 12PM EST! DON'T MISS OUT! From minting an @wedream_world Founders pass NFT holders can expect to receive: WeDream ownership benefits Early access to our AR technology NFT drops $dream tokens […]

FartQueen NFT

FartQueen NFT Blockchain: Solana NFT Drop Details: Own a unique virtual fart jar from Dominatrix/ProDomme and Fartpreneur, Krista Gable. Also get exclusive access to Krista's private metaverse fart room. NFT Fart Jars will also unlock a private virtual fart room in the metaverse where the user can go to watch exclusive Fart Queen videos from […]

Shrub Paper Gardens

Shrub Paper Gardens Blockchain: Polygon NFT Drop Details: https://gardens.shrub.finance Public Presale: June 9 Public Sale Date: June 16 Discord: https://discord.gg/5MfebTNq Twitter: https://twitter.com/shrubfinance Article about drop: https://medium.com/@shrubfinance/paper-gardens-the-first-on-chain-growth-nft-84de2e647d8f Description: Shrub Paper Gardens is the first on-chain dynamic growth NFT. Paper Gardens is an interactive project with on-chain metadata from the team at Shrub Finance. Paper Gardens uses […]


BARK UNITED Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: 16.06.2022 We are BARK – TOP Ukrainian artists raising funds for the Gostomel Dog Shelter, Ukraine. Our project “Dogs against the War Piggo Dogs” is about brave dogs on the one side and coward piggo dogs (aka Russian invaders) on the other side. Our NFTs will help you […]


The 4th Annual NFT Industry Event June 20-23, 2022 https://www.nft.nyc/ https://nftnyc.medium.com/

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