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Metagram SlimeFarm

May 2, 2022 @ 8:00 am - May 9, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Airdrop / Minting / NFT Enchant / Event


NFT Drop Details:
Airdrop / Minting / NFT Enchant / Event

*Dates and prizes below may change due to unknown circumstances.

■ Announcement Regarding The “”Re-Mint”” ■

Greetings From Metagram & SlimeFarm!

We Have A New Announcement Followed Up On The Merging Feature, Our First 🌟Re-Mint🌟.


→ Re-Minting Date: Monday, May 5 At 10 P.M.
→ Minting Cost: It Will Be Announced On The Minting Day, Which Will Be 80% Of The Floor Price.
→ Note: Henceforth, Minting Will Be Held Every Monday At 10 P.M.

Please Participate In Re-Minting That Commences Every Week!

■ Slime Enchanting Feature Revealed! ■

The Enc Slime Feature That Numerous People Have Long-Awaited Is Now Available.Please Refer To The Information Below, And Join Us!

[Slime Enchanting Feature]
Date: Wednesday, April 25th· The Website For Merging Will Be Announced Later On.

→ How To Participate: Select Two Slimes Of The Same Grade And Press The Combine Button To Create A Higher Grade Slime With A 100% Probability!
· Slimes Used For Merging Are Burnt From Your Wallets.
· The Higher Grade Slime Combined Is Sent To Your OpenSea Account.
· Legendary Probability Increased!· You Can Combine Them All To Reach 5 Stars (Grade 5).
· Users Must First Take Out Their Slimes From Their Farm To Use The Merge Feature.
· Combining Consumes Slimes Cost Pluton. However, It’s Currently Free Of Charge. (Duration Undecided)

Select 2 slimes with the same grade
Then, select the ENCHANT button to receive higher grade slime for a 100% chance!
Enchant event is FREE OF CHARGE for a limited period.

– Two Slimes used for enchantment are incinerated.
– Slimes enchanted are directly sent to your OpenSea account.
– Legendary chances are significantly increased during the launching event.
– Enchanting is available until 10K grade 5 slimes are created.
– This event launches on a different website. Users must first take out their slimes from their farm to Enchant.

Official Announcement Channel Of SlimeFarm Discord.

■ Commencing A Limited Event On May 2nd ■

This Is An Announcement Regarding The Limited Edition Event Commencing On May 2nd.
(Limited Edition Slime Is Like A Pretty 🌸 Flower 🌸 That Blooms On The Field In Spring!)

Points are awarded based on the number of slime, land, and limited edition slime the user has!
The limited edition Slimes are given multiple times depending on the cut line score(110 points).

→ Event Date: May 2nd
→ How To Participate: Aquiring Point Cutline Of 110 Points
→ Note: The Limited Edition Slimes Are Given Multiple Times Depending On The Cut Line Score.


– The limited edition Slimes are given multiple times depending on the cut line score.
e.g., 3 Slimes are given to users that have 330 points. (No need to divide wallets)
– The limited edition slimes are sent to the users within 2 hours after the snapshot.

[Score By Slime Grade]

Grade 1 Slime: 1 Point

Grade 2 Slime: 2 Points

Grade 3 Slime: 5 Points

Grade 4 Slime: 11 Points

Grade 5 Slime: 23 Points

Land: 25 Points
5 Limited Edition

We Ask For Your Interest And Support Towards This Event! Participate And Receive Pretty Limited Edition Slime! ❣

■ Announcement Regarding MetaMine Land Sale And Event. ■

We Have A New Announcement About The Land Sale & Event.
The Announcement Contains Various Information. Please Read Carefully And Refer To The Information Below 🙂

Join the mini-game on the METAMINE homepage to receive various prizes!
Receive enormous prizes by drawing “Raffles” received by playing the mini-game.
This big event that lasts for 10 weeks is coming soon!

Gold Bars 300pcs (3.75gm each)
iPhone 50pcs (Latest Edition)
iPad 50pcs (Latest Edition)
MacBook 50pcs (Latest Edition)
Rolex 5pcs (All different)
Channel Bag 5pcs

* The event will last for 10 weeks.
* The Land in MetaMine produces 24 ore that is refinable to diamonds.
* Raffles for event prizes are given when a diamond is acquired. (Diamonds are used for various contents such as upgrades in the future)
* Anyone even without a crypto wallet or currency can join the event.
* Ores are given to land owners after the mini-game launches.
* The MetaMine launches with two contents; Mini-game (A2E) & Land (Staking). Please refer to the announcements on Discord for further information.

The information above may change due to unknown circumstances, which will be notified on the Discord when modified.

Please Support Us By Purchasing A Lot For Lands, As Everyone Has Been Waiting For This Update. Thank You. 🙂



May 2, 2022 @ 8:00 am
May 9, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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