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SamurAi Robots

January 15 @ 11:30 pm - January 22 @ 11:30 pm

SamurAi Robots is a collection of 10,000 absolutely unique tokenized artworks, divided into 8 classic art directions, forming the aesthetic development line of the NFT community.

Welcome to the world created in the collab of human intelligence, which has been awarded the title “Talent of Russia” four times, and artificial intelligence, named “The largest computing project in the history of Russia”: visionary artist Grishanti Holon and ruDALL-E Malevich (XL) model from SberAI, SberDevices, Samara University, AIRI and SberCloud teams.

Our goal is to broadcast to the world that today’s computing power allows us to create highly artistic generative collections with deep philosophical meaning. We are responsible to future generations for the digital legacy of the first NFTs wave of the emerging Metaverse.

SamurAi Robots is an amalgamation of the Samurai code of bushido and the fundamental laws of robotics in visual revealing the concept of “serving”. Each unique SamurAi Robot is created using a “text to image” algorithm trained on the power of the Christofari supercomputer and transformed into a beautiful NFT artwork, serving the formation of artistic taste.

In the past, every well-to-do and self-respecting samurai had to build a modest tea pavilion in which to hang new kakemono paintings. Nowadays, every self-respecting NFT collector should have a SamurAi Robot in his virtual gallery!

27.12.2021 Whitelist opening
27.12.2021 – 07.01.2022 – New Year giveaways among Discord, Twitter & Instagram subscribers
10.01.2022 – 14.01.2022  Whitelist pre-sales
15.01.2022 Start of public sales
03.02.2022 Reveal of SamurAi Robots characteristics on Opensea (refresh yours metadata on Setsubun holiday). 108 characteristics total.



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