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Sunrise Haiku NFTs Minting and Giveaway

October 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am - November 7, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Sunrise Haiku NFT is the first of its kind, exclusive collection of 575 poems entirely generated by a trained Machine Learning model called “Sunrise”. Every single poem is unique and it is written on a card with a tasteful and minimal design. Each Haiku is a combination of Rarity, Art and Utility.

Pre-sale date- 24th October, 2021
Public Mint date- 31st October, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are creating a Discord invite contest to help our community grow while rewarding the efforts of the people who contribute the most to it.
Duration of the contest: 2nd October 19:30 UTC to 3rd November 19:30 UTC
Prizes to win:
🏆 5x Honorary Haiku NFTs (worth at least 0.1 ETH) to the top 5 inviters (1x each)
🏆 $500 in crypto (ETH or Stablecoin) to 5 random inviters from the top 20 list ($100 each)
Date of announcement of winners: 4th November 2021

While every Haiku is beautiful and unique, the model is able to produce poems of different complexity, treating different topics, with different structures. These three attributes (tier, topic, structure) contribute to define the rarity of a Haiku. Tiers are described below, but topics are distributed across all tiers, meaning that even owning a Basic Haiku might mean holding an ultra-rare piece of art

Basic Haikus: shorter and more concise poems that are able to invoke beautiful still images.
Advanced Haikus: longer and more complex poems, treating a variety of topics. Lines are better connected to each other.
Masterpiece Haikus: the best the model is able to produce, very rare to come by. The poems carry an overarching meaning, topics are unique, and the syllable structure follows the original Haiku structure as closely as possible.

There are also two other types of Haikus, given away to the members of the community for their outstanding contributions and for participating in contests:

Honorary Haikus: 25 in total, moderately complex, given to people who demonstrated presence, activity and outreach to help the community grow and be active.
Meme Haikus: 25 in total, generated over time as a result of meme contests, funny Haikus generated by the Sunrise model, or community voting. Given to contest winners (meme contest or derivative art contest) or active members as a token of gratitude.

Poetry is art, and every poem is a 1/1, but we understand that the eye wants its part. That’s why every Haiku comes with a beautiful card that reflects the Tier of the Haiku itself:

Basic Haiku: minimal black metal design.
Advanced Haiku: AI gradient, with the color trying to match the content of the Haiku
Masterpiece Haiku: 1/1 custom AI generated art, created by a self-correcting model that tries to generate an image based on the Haiku description.

Every Haiku part of the original 575 collection comes with a special Japanese number on the upper left corner that shows the Series number (in this case, 1!), so you know you are the owner of the collection that started it all. Art is also applied to community Haikus:

Honorary Haiku: flower pattern and Japanese writing
Meme Haiku: rainbow pattern and hand-drawn logo

Digital NFTs gave our team the possibility to create computer art while also leveraging the incredible opportunities of the underlying code. We believe owning a single Haiku should be a way to provide financial safety and entertainment for the owner. That’s why if you are lucky enough to own one of the few Haikus that will be created you can expect the following:

Community revenues: 25% of the fees from every single secondary sale are automatically transferred to a community fund that can be used however the community deems appropriate. This means that the community will always have the firepower to promote the project, encourage adoption, onboard new members, or simply reward themselves for being owners.

Masterpiece revenues: lucky Masterpiece owners are also entitled to 5% of all secondary sales, every month. This means owning a Masterpiece not only means owning a unique piece of computer art, it also means having the possibility to have recurring revenues in perpetuity.

Real world Haikus: we strongly believe that NFTs are the key to unlocking a superior form of art, but that doesn’t mean that this art needs to be confined to the digital space. The community can be leveraged to spread Haikus in the physical world as much as possible. That is why Area Ambassadors will be elected by the community and will be responsible for organizing events and exhibitions featuring our beloved poems in their own geographical Area. Haikus will be everywhere, in galleries, restaurants, museums, newspapers, walls, books, and we are only getting started.

Rogue Sunrise: people more interested in the interactive part of the experience can participate in Rogue Sunrise, an experience created entirely to allow owners to evolve and degenerate their Haikus based on the properties of the Haiku itself. This will be part of a story where the Sunrise group loses control over the AI, which will take over the website, the socials, everything. The story will develop over the course of several months, at the end of which a new model will arise.

Airdrops and voting: owning and holding a Haiku means having access to Modules, which will be used to evolve your Haiku during the Rogue Sunrise event. It will also mean receiving voting power – according to the number and Tier of the owned Haikus – to participate in the crucial decisions to shape Sunrise Haiku’s future.




October 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am
November 7, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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