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Lens Protocol Decentralized Social Media

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Web3 community graph open source protocol Lens Protocol is in early stages but already has a lot of dapps, tools, video, social media and NFT content. Artists, coders, animators, content creators have new tools to upload and mint and share and have their content mirrored or shared or liked across the protocol. The lower gas on layer 2 Polygon network coupled with Arweave storage is looking good for web3 creatives.

Ecosystem and Profiles

If you were early you may have already been able to claim a profile, which enables you to set up your profile for the first time, or you can easily pick up a profile NFT on OpenSea and use it. This list is just the barebones few sites that will get you started and see what’s up.

Exploring and Developing

Since we became aware of Lens Protocol we’ve been interested in learning more about developing and learning more about what’s available and what it’s about. We’ve found several useful Youtube videos talking about the protocol and also a few with some boilerplate development instructional coding videos. So two of the top videos we can recommend is to learn more about the profile and ecosystem to check out this recent video posted by Zombie Shepherd, and the other is Nader Dabit’s introduction to building the full stack Web3.

Explore Lens

Zombie Shepherd Intro to Lens
Nader Dabit Web3 Full Stack

Lens Developers

As more decentralized apps are built on the protocol, you’ll see the beauty of the protocol come into it’s own, because the lens profile will automatically migrate into each front end without having to sign up or create accounts for each one, and each post, video and so on can be controlled and shared to the creators liking. Expect to see a lot more developments and embracing of the blockchain making it possible. This is similar in a lot of ways to the BBS Network we explored briefly in a previous blog posted to our main blog.


We’ve been working on building out a lens protocol frontend, and have chosen the Nader Dabit repository to work from as the boilerplate. So look out for some possible Lens Protocol integration and developments in house from Non-fungi. We have a Lens Protocol frontend on the go, also a NFT Rarity Rank using Moralis, and also still have the signature based minting using Thirdweb deployed. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we understand and persist onward on this coding journey through the trees.

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Follow us at hotlips.lens Check out our lens frontend deployment, still in beta and the posting function is not working, but you can follow and search profiles. Also need to fix some images are not adding the ipfs gateway to the beginning of the ipfs hash. Here’s the deployed site on vercel: https://lens-protocol-chi.vercel.app/