We’ve added another new, great, and active NFT & Crypto related news RSS feed to the mix here in our NFT news section!! While searching the latest Lens Protocol videos on youtube we came across CryptoSlate articles, and were pleased to find the RSS feed available to tap into the latest headlines from these guys. That brings our NFT and crypto related news feeds here at non-fungi up to six, with a couple other RSS feeds more art related.

NFT News Headlines and NFT RSS summary

So, if you’ve surfed around long enough you’ll know what’s going on, but to break it down the main news landing page is using RSS news feed aggregator, and displaying purely headlines and link to the article. The sub menu has linked to a slighly more in-depth excerpt that from the same feed, using a different news plugin. This gives visitors the ability to keep up to date with what’s going on from multiple NFT and Crypto news sources, right here in the comfort of non-fungi…you get handy headlines, short article excerpts, and just click through to launch the main article for any of the stories if you want to read the whole story on the originating site.

We love our users

We love our users and love to try and keep up with the NFT and crypto news space. Non-Fungi news section allows us to quickly scan over all the main headlines from just enough different news sources, to stay relevant, and keep a breast of the bleeding edge developments and news.