NFT Update 4-14

Some more updates on what we’re seeing among the NFT drops and news we encounter from day to day. It’s obviously a huge undertaking to keep on top of all the NFT news, drops, events, galleries, artists, metaverse builds, Discords and related crypto happenings around the world. So along with the microcosm of the drops on non-fungi, which is a pinch of salt compared to the big picture, that’s why we’ve always had links to other news and nft calendar sites and so on, at least hopefully, this is a good stop in making the rounds, to see what’s up. We have four news sources and will look to add more, where you can quickly read the headlines and click-through to read the article on the OG news source. Sometimes I find that just reading all the headlines is great, then choose what to follow and read more from there, but you’ll read headlines that keep you in the know, as the streams update through the RSS plugin. The news seems to work well for mobile users also, I often hop on there in a mobile brave browser to check headlines or the top 100 crypto list, or just to check how the site is loading.

NFT Drops we’re keeping an eye on, today is the reveal for Collie Buddz TTFM Twisted Tree Frog Massive! The artwork looking super cool and the reveal seems to be rolling out today. Along with some air dropped extras, the TTFM minted about 1.5k and currently has about 347 owners. Here’s the Collection on OpenSea. The vibe has been great in the Discord, a few voice enabled hangs with everybody, lot of artists and musicians and reggae fans all excited for the reveal, exchanging ideas, pics, art and music and experiences. Collie Buddz and the team of mods on the Discord have done their utmost to educate and make the minting and NFT experience a good one. They posted step by step newby friendly instructions everything from Metamask, to Coinbase wallet and cold wallets, they are spreading good first hand knowledge and trying to keep their community safe.

Solbouncers Pitboss – Stake for $bnce daily

The Solbouncers and Parlay are full steam ahead, they announced a LLC company registered in the Virgin Islands, and continue working to get more arcade games up and running, they’re rolling out new raffles all the time and integrating new coins and tokens to the ecosystem, have done several successful incubator mints, and also announced a new partnership with a NFT drop verification and doxxing service called Alpha Labs. Also I think a new version of black jack came out along with a new coin flip game in the arcade. The dashboard and ecosystem is getting better and being updated a lot, the bounce staking, liquidity pool and NFTs have gone from highs to lows and may be bouncing back up again, same as the bnce value. You can now stake all the NFTs including the newly evolved Pitboss to earn bnce and also if you swap into the Liquidity pool with bnce and sol, you can stake BNCE LP tokens to also accrue more bnce. Check the charts on Bouncer here

NFT Grid Gang Apr22 & 25th

Another current Featured Drop, recently listed is NFT Grid Gang! On the Waves blockchain, looks to include breeding and has a deflationary environment. Of course more info and links to the socials, discord and the NFT drop URL is provided on the event page, along with the description submitted to us by the team. Thanks for supporting our featured drops!

We’re really excited by all the developments happening in the NFT space, music, gaming, art, dev and coding, etc it’s a really mind blowing how creative some of the projects are. And great to see about and learn about the way the modern web2 and web3 are evolving.

Good luck on your taxes if you’re filing this weekend! I’ve watched a couple of videos on youtube looking at what options are out there to help with taxes. So far I think Koinly and are a couple that stand out. We’ll catch you in the next non-fungi update, feel free to contact us with any question, suggestions or interesting info!