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Engry Eggz

Engry Eggz Message Body: Engry Eggz? They look a little bit like shaved testicles, don’t they? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t – no one knows for sure. What is […]

Jupiter’s Self-Portraits

Jupiter’s Self-Portraits is a generative system inspired by the planet’s swirling collection of clouds. A random piece of Jupiter’s sound recorded by NASA’s Voyager spacecraft is interpreted into a simulation […]


PixelFlapjacks are looking cute, but don’t underestimate them. They are predators. The leader of the flapjacks is called Moonjack. He is the first flapjack ever that went to the moon […]

dGen Automatons

Subject: dGen Automatons dGen Automatons are algorithmic generative NFTs based on variation of cyclic cellular automata in two dimensions. Unique cellular-like growth produces captivating images. Minting goes live on September […]