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Reddit Cryptocurrency Roundup

Here’s the latest r/Cryptocurrency Monthly NFT roundup hosted by jwintern of the Art101 / Patrn tune in and replay to listen in. Market stuff, Looksrare, OpenSea, Gem.xyz, The Other Side, Akudreams drops all covered and more news from the last month. https://www.reddit.com/talk/a9e26745-dda1-4e91-9b8a-e4ceee0ac5c8 April Monthly NFT roundup – guests from TIEXO on Solana, OneOf on Tezos, […]

JP Friends Royalties

JP & Friends, a now sold out NFT drop, available on the secondary markets like OpenSea, that was submitted and listed here on Non-fungi back in November ’21, announced in their Discord a weekly royalties payout to qualified JPF holders. Eligible winners to be picked on Mondays through June 6th. Also have teased at a […]