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CryptoFlirt Genesis Collection

We just listed this NFT drop to our NFT Drop Calendar. A quick look through the Instagram, twitter posts shows a keen, active and pioneering qualities, attended current events and helping others. Thanks for sending in the drop! Check CryptoFlirt out now! https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/cryptoflirt-genesis-collection/

NFT Update 4-14

Some more updates on what we’re seeing among the NFT drops and news we encounter from day to day. It’s obviously a huge undertaking to keep on top of all the NFT news, drops, events, galleries, artists, metaverse builds, Discords and related crypto happenings around the world. So along with the microcosm of the drops […]

NFT Drop News

Nice steady trickle of new drops we’re still adding every day here at Non-Fungi, along with all the news streaming, top 100 coin chart tools, helpful links and promotional ad placements to some of our listed drops. For a quick run down of latest drops added and even more news and stats, you can find […]