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Shovel Hub

NFT Drop Details: EXCLUSIVE BTC MINING COMMUNITY Shovel Hub is a collection of 2112 gold bar NFT’s that grant you access to the coolest bitcoin mining community on earth. All […]

Chronicles NFT

NFT Drop Details: ChroniclesNFT is a story based NFT project! Chapter 1: Gargoyles. 5,555 Gargoyles lurking & waiting for the day they are released! Heading the art is critically acclaimed […]


10.000 procedurally generated,unique, space themed collectibles with proof of ownership which uses Polygon blockchain. This collection consists of 4 groups: MetaPlanets, MetaStars, MetaGalaxies, MetaBlackHoles + Exclusive NFTs. Each group has […]

Angry Arabs

NFT Drop Details: Angry Arabs NFT Collection THE SAUCE A collection of 1000 unique Angry Arabs NFT living in the desert of the blockchain. Few of the first homo sapiens […]

Candid Cacti

A collection of 5,000 Cacti on the Ethereum Blockchain. Gas-war free with a Raffle style public sale process, alongside an optimized smart contract which has seen 16-35% gas savings vis […]


NFT Drop Details: Crypticmonster burst out from the rock! A collection of 10,000 unique NFTs living creatures on the Ethereum blockchain. All art pieces created @ pixel. Crypticmonster” is more […]