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Carda Clash Metaverse

Carda Clash Metaverse Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: https://cardaclash.com/ https://twitter.com/CardaClash https://discord.com/invite/S8EKNMQSvP What is Carda Clash? Carda Clash is a blockchain multiplayer Play To Earn game, In the game every player […]

MetaGenus HS 1

MetaGenus HS 1 Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: 1000 fully functional 3D avatars interoperable on all metaverse platforms. “The First 1000” is a range of uniquely designed avatars that will […]

Satoshi NFT Club

Satoshi NFT Club Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: Our goal is to build an exclusive club for the crypto community where members can meet and discuss important news and market […]