The first NFT museum in Ukraine

The first NFT museum in Ukraine: what is interesting to know


Melissa is a freelance writer who believes that with well-chosen words you can convey the right idea to a wide audience. Melissa is attentive to details, responsible, ready to develop in the profession.

The last few months have been taut for Ukraine and the world. The Russian Federation has shown aggression toward a neighboring country. Events have unfolded very quickly, and the brutality of the enemy’s army is fantastic. The whole world should see the violence and cold-bloodedness of Russia. That’s why for the first time in Ukraine, an NFT war museum was created. This project was organized together with blockchain technology. This is a unique project which clearly shows and proves the cruelty and aggression towards Ukraine.

Anyone can purchase museum pieces. They are presented in the form of NFT tokens. The purchase is made in the Internet space. It is possible to buy currency for sale on ICOholder, where electronic money is presented. The rating shows the most popular coins, their growth dynamics, etc.

What is the essence of a museum?

The war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. Since then, the world has been watching and helping refugees, and Ukraine fights the enemy. Russia is the aggressor, ruthlessly destroying and seizing Ukrainian lands. The whole world should know the enemy by sight. The museum exhibits will help the people of different countries see and realize the horror that is happening in Ukraine.

Interesting facts about the NFT Museum:

  • All of the exhibits are presented electronically. You can not only look at them but also buy them as souvenirs. Tokens are purchased on the platform. Payment is made in electronic currency. The number of purchased exhibits is unlimited.
  • Funds from the sale go to the Ethereum wallet. The proceeds will be spent on humanitarian needs.
  • The collection includes works by Ukrainian artists. They are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The exhibition will be replenished with works of foreign artists.

Ukrainian artists subtly convey the atmosphere that is currently going on in Ukraine. The paintings show the suffering, pain, and despair evident in the faces of the characters depicted in the images. All the characters are real. The illustrations show the power and amount of destruction that Ukraine is facing. This project shows how important everyone’s support is. Even a minimal investment in the exhibits will help save millions of lives. At this moment, Ukraine needs help for its population and military armament for the Ukrainian army. Such an exhibition gives a complete picture of what is going on. It is a clear opportunity to see the Russian Federation’s aggression and feel the pain of every Ukrainian.

Museum features

For Ukrainians, this type of museum is new. But despite the war, Ukrainians are trying to develop. The NFT Museum of Modern Art is proof of that. The transition to electronic currency will happen very soon. It will be not just a simple transition but a stabilization of the economy by electronic money. Depositors will be protected from the currency’s fall, and the state will get additional resources for existence.

The electronic museum is direct proof that the transition to electronic money will happen shortly. Ukraine’s victory remains ahead. When that day comes, a new country with a stable economy and incredible fortitude will be reborn.

The electronic museum features exhibits in the form of comic books. At first glance, it might seem that cartoons are inappropriate to use in works with tragic undertones. But after studying a few of the results, an understanding of the depth of such paintings emerges.

Despite all the destruction and the loss of loved ones, Ukraine remains a united state. Such difficult life situations, on the contrary, raise morale and make the nation stronger. Each picture was created by artists who know exactly what war is like. Only a person who has experienced loss, and fear of death becomes solid and invincible. That’s what modern Ukrainian artists want to show. Their drawings clearly show that the size of a country and the number of its soldiers are not proof of strength. A small country can prevail and defeat even a terrible enemy that has kept the whole world in fear.

How to use the site

There are many exhibits on the site. Everyone can view the entire gallery. Each drawing has a brief description. The user can look at each of them. And choose those exhibits that most betrayed the depth of what is happening in Ukraine.

Each painting is worth one token. The user can select how many tokens you want to mint.

You will mint NFTs from those that are currently on sale.

Each NFT will cost 0.15 ETH. After the purchase of the exhibit, the funds are credited to the e-wallet. All proceeds will go to charity for Ukraine.

Today the whole world can observe how brutal the army and government of the Russian Federation are. But the little country-Ukraine was not afraid and became a wall in front of the enemy. The aggressor will no longer stop. Only the victory of Ukraine will be able to end this confrontation. Thanks to a modern development – the electronic museum – the whole world can donate to help Ukraine. This is not just a war between Ukraine and Russia. It is the war of the whole world. Europe is in the reliable rear of a strong and strong-willed country.

Ukraine’s first electronic museum will be able to raise enough money for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. The works of art show the strength of each resident’s spirit. The illustrations also show how helpless Russia is. Fighting out of her last power against a state that no one believed in. It turns out that conquering Ukraine is not easy. It is not only difficult but impossible. Soon the victories of Ukraine will quickly prove this small state’s full power. Ukraine is thereby holding back the onslaught on Europe. This small country can save the whole world from disaster with its brave people.

At the moment, the exhibition consists only of Ukrainian artists. The next tour will supplement the exposition with works of famous artists from abroad. The whole world must learn about Ukraine, its strength, and its courage. And Russia has shown itself on the other side. The illustrations are proof of the strength of Ukraine and its people.


Melissa is a freelance writer who believes that with well-chosen words you can convey the right idea to a wide audience. Melissa is attentive to details, responsible, ready to develop in the profession.