Checkout the table below with some pricing options on various development products, services and memberships I’m offering!

Web Dev Products & Services

I became interested in web design way back when I got my first PC, back in the days of playing games like Rainbow 6, Half-life, Commanche, and so on. Pong, ZX81,Vic20, C64, Amiga PC throughout childhood! I Self taught HTML from books and played with PHP, MySQL and had a bunch of website submission and viral scripts that I purchased the retail rights to. For a while I published an internet marketing newsletter called Acewebzine, and dabbled in a couple of network marketing ventures. Now I’m back online, following my passion for web devs, and crash coursing frameworks,! Having fun with and learning, with a goal to understand the full stack (JAM)🤘

Services / Products Pricing & Description

# Web Dev Hosting / Info Price Guide
1 Single Page OpenSea iframe NFT Gallery ftp to your site $250
2 WordPress Site Design, Host,
Basic Maint
$1250 then $50/mo
3 JavaScript Game ftp to your site Starting at $1000
4 Domain, Design, Hosting Register, Design, Deploy Customized packages $250/mo+
5 Hourly / Freelancer Remote $45/hr $325/day

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