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πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ What is a non-fungible token (NFT)❓

Basically a unique digital asset, stored and traded on a blockchain, what is blockchain? Basically a public database, decentralized cryptographic ledger. Two excellent resources to read, are 1) The NFT Bible, and 2) NFT Wikipedia page learn more. Well, tbh the wiki site might not be that good so focus on the bible!!

Metamask and Ledger Nano X Wallets πŸ’΅

Metamask wallet is the most used web3 digital asset wallet, used for trading NFTs, crypto swaps, virtual games and so on. Easily installs via extension in all the main web browsers. Your digital wallet connects you to the blockchain and NFT marketplaces connect, after sign-in and basically carry your inventory of NFTs and assets in it. Check out Metamask here https://metamask.io/ In terms of a physical ‘cold’ crypto wallet, you’ll want a secure, offline solution to take the keys to your assets offline. The Ledger Nano X is one of the hottest cold wallets on the market and works with Metamask, so you can set up your main asset wallet to be an offline cold wallet. Read more about how to secure your NFTs

NFTs, Digital Assets, Royalties πŸ’Έ

NFTs can be digital but also tokenize real world items. Creators can also receive a commission from future sales. This means collectors, fans, can trade, knowing it’s benefiting the original creator, even when you sell the NFT to the next collector! Most NFT minting sites let you choose the royalty percentage, which is commonly around 5 – 10% more or less. On top of that, marketplaces like OpenSea offer a bounty, which encourages affiliate marketers. NFTs can be embedded to websites, affiliate sales and referrals are secure, because it takes place through the users digital wallet that connects with the blockchain.

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How do I initally buy bitcoin and transfer to Metamask or digital wallet? πŸ”₯

One example (and the route we initially took for speed) is buy bitcoin on cash app. Then, after you become KYC verified, cash app issues you a wallet address that allows you to send or receive your bitcoin to Kraken, Coinbase, or your chosen exchange or wallet address. Now you can exchange bitcoin for ethereum or any coins listed on that exchange, and can send to your digital wallet and or your offline hardware wallet. Learn more about exchanges visit our links page and explore the exchanges. Another option is to just install a digital wallet, then get a friend to send you some bitcoin that already has some…! We like Kraken because of the staking options and neat trading exchanges, other good crypto exchange choices are Coinbase, Binance US and Bittrex US and Crypto.com

πŸ— Building Your Token Collection

People buying non-fungible token collectibles are at the forefront of a new era for art and commerce, and who knows how much your unique investment will be worth in resale value in months and years to come. Our goal is to link you to the best marketplaces and artists, and also be a part of the search and discovery for new-comers. In no time, non-fungi.com will give you an understanding of what and how you can get into the exploding world of non-fungible token collectibles and art today…