• Launch Calendar
    Just a heads up and sneak-peak, I’m working on an additional calendar that will be dedicated to quick view of […]
  • Various
    Still messing in paint3D and also started a new header collage using Inkscape, but anywho, just wanted to throw out […]
  • Drop Update
    Drop update new NFT projects added. notes and links for Drop Calendar update for Sept 25th 2021, will add a […]
  • SEO Update
    Quick search engine results update. According to Google Search Console, non-fungi.com got 4,477 clicks from Google Search (+200%) in the […]
  • Free Mint A Mondrian
    Mint a Mondrian tonght 10PM PDT + gas fees, here’s the quick youtube info vid on it, cheers guys, artwork […]
  • New Drops 9-17-21
    Bunch of new Drops added to the calendar that came in over the past couple of days. I’m going to […]
  • Post Count
    Hey Hitch-hikers! So, coupled with a nice increase in search engine and word of mouth traffic, mainly to our Drop […]
  • Realm NFT
    Vids coming thick ‘n fast now! Here’s a look at another drop that got added this morning. I link to […]
  • Skids Hacker NFT Launch
    Man up today and clicked through the Skids launch site. Nicely made out to look like a retro Windows 98 […]
  • Drop Calendar Vlog 91221
    Here’s the next episode of non-fungi.com NFT drop calendar video run through, with some sketchy editing. Thanks for watching.
  • non-fungi NFT drop calendar
    Hey! Thanks to all the NFT artists /marketers for submitting to non-fungi! Our site traffic and number of drops coming […]
  • SVGator SVG Animation
    So here’s the OBS video I mentioned in the last post. Using SVGator (free) to animate several parts of this […]
  • Animate an SVG
    Back again! Broke some ground using SVG files, I was able to use SVGator to animate an NFT that I […]
  • I Won a Good Boi
    Can’t believe my luck! Yesterday. The feels when I became the proud owner of a Good Boi Doge….. wut?! 🐾 […]
  • Google Traffic
    Pleased to see this website, especially the NFT Drop Calendar, is getting good search engine results and clicks from Google! […]
  • KuCoin Nervos
    How to buy CKB? – I did it this way: send ETH from Kraken, to KuCoin, thensell the ETH for […]
  • My First NFT Sale
    And so it is today, I bid farewell to Forbidden Fruit Crypto Kush NFT. At 4:20 am! An account called […]
  • New Coin Chart
    Howdy! Just a quickie to show off the new Coingecko API powered coin tracker list website with the top 100 […]
  • YouTube Ad
    I threw together a light-hearted YouTube ad for this website. I forgot to mention the crypto heat map and some […]
  • Kaboom js Game
    I followed a Kaboom js tutorial by Ania Kubow and have made a project site from the results. Actually the […]
  • I bought a Cardano NFT
    I just bought a NFT on Cardano ADA! Stoked to own an asset NFT minted on Cardano! Kaizen Crypto second […]
  • Kaizen NFTs Reach Cardano
    I’m still a newcomer to crypto and this article might help other newcomers find some resources, educational tips from my […]
  • HTML iframe NFTs
    New Youtube video is up, 🆕 also a link to the Github repo, that contains the code (HTML, CSS). It’s […]
  • HUMBL to The Moon 🚀
    After HUMBL CEO Brian Foote’s recent interview with Charles Payne on Fox Business, and a positive mention by wealth strategist […]
  • Gamestop NFTs
    Gamestop is hiring developers and putting a team together for it’s upcoming foray into NFTs! Check out their cool splash […]
  • HUMBL NFT Gallery Soft Launch
    Today marked the soft launch of HUMBL’s new NFT Marketplace. The NFT gallery soft launched today with a collection of […]
  • New NFT Start up
    HUMBL inc is a new start up company that went public on the OTC markets, is a global blockchain payment […]
  • NFT Calendar Drops
    Sharing another NFT drop tour 5-3-21, from youtube a couple of guided tours of upcoming NFT drops. I’m trying to […]
  • NFT Drop Tours
    Sharing from youtube a couple of guided tours of upcoming NFT drops. I’m trying to list as many NFT drops […]
  • Crypto Donations
    Hey guys, I just uploaded a how-to on Youtube channel about adding a crypto currency donation feature on your wordpress […]
  • Display NFTs in WordPress
    Hey hitch hikers! Here’s another heads up about this tutorial video about minting and displaying OpenSea NFTs (singles and collections) […]
  • NFT Art Gallery Tour
    I have a couple of NFT art gallery tours in Decentraland to share. This one’s an Underwater Art Gallery which […]
  • How to Mint NFTs
    Minting NFTs is pretty easy and a similar experience to uploading an image with descriptions. You’ll connect your wallet and […]
  • Making Animated GIFs
    Years ago when I first got interested in website design and network marketing, I purchased a copy of PaintShopPro 5 […]
  • How to embed your NFT marketplace
    Check out this youtube vid I threw together of how I embedded some OpenSea collections into this website, easily using […]
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace
    Non-fungi.com Announces Developing an NFT Multi Vendor Marketplace Howdy y’all fine peeple. With a domain name as good as non-fungi.com […]
  • Hello NFT Crusaders!
    First! Welcome to the non-fungi.com blog. Game on! We’ll be documenting our journey and laying breadcrumbs to help others find […]