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  • Brute Force Attacks
    So, like, it looks like the brute force login attempts are picking up again on this site. I just added […]
  • Display NFTs in WordPress Revisited
    NFTs Displayed in WordPress Updated 10/24/22 Back last April when the iframe worked for embedding an OpenSea collection page (which […]
  • React Three Fiber Metaverse
    Barely Coding Hashlips Metaverse We’ve been hacking on a couple of React Three Fiber tutorials where the website is fully […]
  • Old Ethereum NFTs Linagee Name Registrar
    An old domain register contract from 2015 was rediscovered and is currently having a comeback with hundreds of thousands of […]
  • NFT Rarity Ranking with Moralis
    NFT Rarity Ranking We’ve been hacking a bit at a NFT rarity app and have a local project going. NFT […]
  • Web3 Lens Protocol
    Lens Protocol Decentralized Social Media Web3 community graph open source protocol Lens Protocol is in early stages but already has […]
  • Animated ART101 NFTisse SVG
    Returned for another free export save using the free software. Using art from a newly minted NFT from ART101, […]
  • View Counter
    Just a quick note to mention the view counter has been reactivated on blog posts and NFT drop event listings. […]
  • NFT Launch Generators Auto Mint Platforms and Decentralized Storage
    From Hashlips to SVG Stack We’ve seen several NFT projects, from individual artists and teams, that use various third party […]
  • NFTs for DeFi
    You may have already seen youtube videos covering how to get cash for your NFTs without selling them, or you […]
  • thirdweb Signature Based Minting
    Thirdweb Signature Based Minting Burst into heaven, or burst into web3! We’ve toyed with a couple of web3 projects from […]
  • New Crypto Charts
    New Top 100 Crypto Coin Charts We’ve added some new Crypto Charts, includes 24hr and 7 day moves, see this […]
  • Yo Yo GM
    yoyoyo waddup gm! We’ve picked up a first NFT on the Tezos blockchain, using a Temple Tezos wallet Firefox extension. […]
  • Sweet Apocalypse
    An Apocalypse where you are able to enjoy your life Supply: 8888 Mint Price: 2 SOL ( WL 1.5 SOL […]
  • Optimism Token Airdrop Claim
    If you’ve been keeping up with the latest crypto airdrops, either through some youtubers, news, or however you make yourself […]
  • NFT Print Store psd Template
    NFTs with utility is been a buzz-word lately, and for the art lover, what could be better than the utility […]
  • How to Float an Image Up and Down in WordPress
    After surfing through hundreds of cool NFT websites, checking them out and adding the NFT drops as we’ve been doing […]
  • Big Innovation From OpenSea
    New big innovation from OpenSea, Project Seaport, is a marketplace protocol which is now public on GitHub. The new smart […]
  • Web3 Twitter
    We’ve been tooling around with the Moralis ethereum boilerplate and also completed a Web3 Twitter full-stack blockchain app. Moralis’ Youtube […]
  • Brute Force Attacks
    GM haxxors! Currently at about 120 failed login attempts today and counting. Over the last few months, here at Non-Fungi, […]
  • Art101 NFT Medicis
    Art101 has unveiled a new web3 NFT gallery that links to on and off-chain metadata and images for all their […]
  • Reddit Cryptocurrency Roundup
    Here’s the latest r/Cryptocurrency Monthly NFT roundup hosted by jwintern of the Art101 / Patrn tune in and replay to […]
  • JP Friends Royalties
    JP & Friends, a now sold out NFT drop, available on the secondary markets like OpenSea, that was submitted and […]
  • Parlay Raffle an Okay Bear
    Over on one of The Parlay NFT / Solbouncers raffle sites Shogun Empourium V2, just today was the end of […]
  • Blockstars on a Roll
    The Music Managment game influenced and modelled on games like Football Manager, Diablo and Eve, announced today some major […]
  • PharaGods Metaverse Museum
    We just listed PharaGods NFT Drop to our NFT Drop Event Calendar here: URLs:– Website:– Discord:– Twitter: […]
  • Prototype IX Brain Extracted Memories
    We just listed this self described Dystopian NFT Art on the Non-Fungi NFT Drop Event Calendar here: 📰NFT News […]
  • Platzees Real Estate
    We’ve just listed PLATZEES is a real estate collection of 5,000 unique NFTs. The project is backed by real assets, […]
  • CryptoFlirt Genesis Collection
    We just listed this NFT drop to our NFT Drop Calendar. A quick look through the Instagram, twitter posts shows […]
  • NFT Crypto Podcast
    Here’s a recent podcast. Justin and Matt discuss NFTs and crypto with Broadbelt SpeaX. Matt talks about passive income and […]
  • Streetlab Genesis Collection by Mexican Street-Artist Yescka
    Streetlab Genesis Collection by Mexican Street-Artist Yescka NFT Drop is the NFT platform for Street-Artists.The community is gathering to […]
  • Dead Ape Club Presale
    Just a link and update post on the latest drop added right here on the main blog feed. This can […]
  • NFT Update 4-14
    Some more updates on what we’re seeing among the NFT drops and news we encounter from day to day. It’s […]
  • NFT Drop News
    Nice steady trickle of new drops we’re still adding every day here at Non-Fungi, along with all the news streaming, […]
  • Wha gwan?
    We’ve been ticking along here at non-fungi still adding some drops. We did a Twitter giveaway with Groundhog planet. We […]
  • Buddz, derivative, utility
    We’re still adding new drops and are hodling quite a few interesting new projects. Some more art related, purely for […]
  • Drop Verification
    Here are the steps to take to become ‘verified’. Verification will give your drop the added tag and category listing […]
  • Happy Friday 🔥
    Just added some great new Drops and we’ve upgraded our Discord. Pleased to see a Drop coming up from Collie […]
  • ETH to Polygon Bridge
    With more and more NFTs, and NFT games and artists and projects using Polygon to airdrop or release or mint […]
  • Non-fungi Update
    Hello again! Just a quick update on some stats and plans. According to Google Analytics, we’ve had 11,399 users from […]
  • NFT cybersecurity
    Listening today to a good informative Twitter Space recording hosted by stellabelle, so wanted to share this. Some great discussion […]
  • BBS Network NFTs
    Hey folks! Hope y’all are snuggling in for the Holidays and enjoying things. Just a quick heads up about BBS […]
  • 78 New NFT Drops
    Howdy folks, Just a quick Youtube video update scrolling through the last weeks new NFT Drops added. I counted 78. […]
  • Slothicorn
    The Cryptoartist Collective Founded by Stellabelle in 2017 What is up fam?! As you can see I’ve decided to give […]
  • NFT Drops Nov 2nd
    Youtube video running through all the Drops added yesterday. Took me the best part of all day to get them […]
  • Halloween Drops
    Awesome amount of NFT drops happening this weekend (that were all submitted here to non-fungi) 🙏 Thank you!! Counted about […]
  • Ad Banner Graveyard
    Here’s the new Ad Banner Graveyard. Kind of like an Aeroplane Graveyard, cool to snoop around in, and you never […]
  • How to trade SOL NFTs
    Y’all I’m no financial advisor, just a jack of all trades old man that likes to mess with websites n […]
  • Latest Drops 12 Oct
    Hey Fam!! Latest 10 #NFTdrops@LionsSecret@BWhaleClub@CashCowsNFTs@artwallst@myskulltoons@cryptoweedsNFT@DayoftheDeadNFT@TimeKeepersSOL@hungryghost_nft@FeudalPunks I will link in the video when it’s good to go. And before I forget, […]

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