Crypto Donations

Hey guys, I just uploaded a how-to on Youtube about adding a crypto currency donation feature on your WordPress website. It’s a pretty cool plugin, and I was set up in minutes. Once you have the addresses you’ll be using from your exchange or wallet, gather the addresses for whichever crypto you want to add, then you’ll add them to the donation plugin admin area. Once ready, similar to many other WordPress plugins, in a new paragraph, add the shortcode to any page or post you like, and boom! See below is the donation box and the short Youtube video. 🙏

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BAT address 0xf7590b656879b9b914af88c829845ccc4f6f5ac8

ETH address 0x9361C1Bbe1c7E3197758414B49D19BcE1241668A

SOL address 6aHhqYSnLiLZQkQnCyxwg9c5cMxNVtWSZ1LZJbgCGn7E

HUMBLpay merchant @d3v3b

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Video on adding the crypto donation box in WordPress