NFT Rarity Ranking with Moralis

NFT Rarity Ranking

NFT Rarity Ranking – Moralis Dapp

We’ve been hacking a bit at a NFT rarity app and have a local project going. NFT Rarity is a fascinating subject, that could be applied I’m thinking to many different collections of items with differing traits. Maybe not only with regards to art, or scarcity of traits in a NFT collection, but maybe also with regards to elements, characteristics, preferences, and so on…in people or animals or any kind of set of data. Various rarity platforms exist and there are some various studies available to see how the various rarity and weights can differ or be adjusted to fit the main platforms like Rarity Tools, against the others. You’ll see rarity scores available on most of the big marketplaces these days. See our links section and scroll down to the rarity section for hot links to much of the big rarity sites.

A quick list of current NFT Rarity sites might look like this and there undoubtedly many more across many blockchains that are not listed here:

Moralis NFT Rarity Ranking dApp

Moralis NFT Rarity Ranking dapp Running on Local

Grafting behind the keyboard, we recently took some time and have been able to get some results from coding along with this Moralis tutorial for a NFT rarity dapp. The tutorial did not work until making some updates, and getting some great help in the Moralis forum, I was able to get the script working! Visit the forum post! Visit the boilerplate on github. When it’s all set up and the script finishes calculating the rarity, the results and meta data for the ipfs images are pushed to the Moralis servers, from where the React frontend will pull and render the info. The Moralis servers keep going to sleep on me! This all needs a bunch more development obviously before being worth to deploy. Or those more savvy may can update the code quicker and use Moralis migrating to self hosted. 😃

Another Rarity calc – JWinterm

Make sure to study another super-interesting blog article discussing rarity and further resourses is by ART101 / Patrn and host of reddit cryptocurrency spaces, J.W. Murphy who posted a blog article that discusses rarity, shows a python script that computes rarity and outputs it into a spread sheet. Great resources here. Using JW’s script, output as a csv, then can easily be dropped in a database and used for your NFT rarity frontend.

I think Moralis seems to have a really super useful valuable bundle of videos, scripts, tutorials and amazing tools and content for web3 developers. Right from being into gaming, dapps or just whatever it is. NFT Rarity Ranking app could become a useful tool for your web3 toolbag.