Optimism Token Airdrop Claim

Optimism Layer2 Blockchain Token Air Drop

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest crypto airdrops, either through some youtubers, news, or however you make yourself aware of the latest airdrops happening, you’ll have seen about the recent and unfolding Optimism token airdrop claim currently happening. There were apparently some technical hitches and a bit of a dumping of the tokens after the inital claim, but has already since bounced some, and could be a serious cool ‘stimmy’ drop for anyone that’s been able to claim the tokens for just some small gas fees. Wether or not they chose to hodl and when to sell or flip is up to them.

How to claim this airdrop?

It’s pretty much a three step process, with a transaction on eth and then a couple over on the Optimism mainnet. Initially you’ll pay a small transaction fee to send or bridge some ETH to the Optimism mainnet, then you’ll switch mainnet to complete the claim and delegate if you opted to delegate your governance.

  • Connect your main wallet to check eligibility
  • Bridge some ETH to Optimism
  • Switch to Optimism mainnet, claim and delegate

Boom! Nothing to it but to do it!

Cool to see the Optimism app ecosystem, we’ll be looking more into how we can gel with the benefits Optimism offers for this lightning fast and lower gas fee Layer2. The layout, presentation and mission seems refreshing and inviting as well as cuts through straight to the point with governance models, values where for instance Impact = Profit. The governance and website is really cool scrolling down the page, introduces new images into the picture.

How to Track Optimism?

A good site to keep track of this and other crypto tokens is https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/optimism-ethereum/ Currently it looks like the initial drop was somewhere around $4 that went down to $1 and is up again at the current time of typing, at around $1.60.

Now what? Optimism Explorer

Good question. Well, explore the ecosystem, NFTs, swaps and so on. If you still have some eth on optimism left over, then you could head over to somewhere like Uniswap and switch to Optimism, then you could swap to some more OP or any other tokens you see there available in your wallet. Here’s what a transaction will look like while swapping some ETH to OP on Uniswap, which we just did to round our hodling up to a nice even 420


Bridging ETH to OP on Uniswap on OP mainnet

What if You’re a Developer?

Well first off, good for you, If you’re a developer or want to be getting into web3 development on Optimism, you could put together a list of possible dapps ideas you might want to code or learn, and could look out for some tutorials or haxxath0ns that will guide you. Make a list of the basic flow of ideas and narrow it down into bite size blocks:

  • Make a tidy list
  • Install VSCode or similar and Nodejs
  • Look for dapp tutorial with a github repo
  • Use some swaps, who knows what is the next airdrop
  • Trade OP NFTs or launch a NFT on Optimism
  • Deploy a contract
  • Develop tools for other developers
  • Blog about your bridging, airdrop or dapp builds

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