How to Mint NFTs

Minting NFTs is pretty easy and a similar experience to uploading an image with descriptions. You’ll connect your wallet and then navigate to a creator interface, add characteristics, price, quantity of editions, set an after sale commission price for resales, and so on. You can also add extra unlockable content after purchase, to high quality images, music and so on… Test out minting for free at Many creators are using Rarible and OpenSea where you’ll need a small eth balance, to cover ‘gas’ fees, once initial for OpenSea. Other marketplaces like KnownOrigin and Makersplace, Superare have a waiting list or approval or buddy system, before being able to set up an account to mint. Last but not least, check out this awesome, in-depth beginners guide to NFTs on the OpenSea blog! Thanks for reading, we’ll be posting some more ‘how to’ videos on our youtube channel soon..