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Non-fungi spun-up March of 2021 and has been homegrowning organically from 40 to 2.5k visits daily in webalizer stats. Google Analytics is around 2.5k users/7 days. View Search Console screen-shots. More in our Discord 🎮.

Submit your NFT Drop FREE!…..over 900 added free! A small listing tip$ is appreciated and will skip your Drop to the front ( Currently 24-48hrs behind). Once your Drop is scrutinized by admin, and gets the OK, welcome to our Drop Calendar! View terms. (no NSFW)

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How long is each Project listed? – PERMANENT! The default active time is one week, then it joins the wen-mint past 100, and eventually Past Events (Tip and help keep it free! Other sites charge $300. We plan to upgrade servers and make major improvements, tipping will help us get there sooner.)

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