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Carda Clash P2E

Carda Clash P2E Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: Carda Clash is a blockchain multiplayer Play To Earn game, In the game every player will have a field that the participants must protect in order to win the tournaments. The game will have 5 characters: Archer, Magician, Knight, Pirate, Orc. The goal of the game will […]

Firebird Genesis Drop

Firebird Genesis Drop Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: A collection of 3333 musical stems. Genesis tokens for Firebird Media: An open source, decentralized protocol for tracking and protecting your creations, derivatives, royalties and licensing on chain. Inspired by Firebird by Cullah, the first open-source music album on Cardano. NFT Drop URL

Blak Hats Music

Blak Hats Music Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: Decentralized Record Label: the first of its kind on Cardano. A collection of 6,666 unique Blak Hat Passes give holders exclusive first-access to all upcoming artist releases + metaverse assets and experiences for Pavia. Additionally, the NFT offers a vote in our collective; deciding which artists we […]

The Turtle Syndicate Mint

The Turtle Syndicate Mint Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: We are a collection of 5k hand drawn turtles on the Cardano blockchain. NFT Drop URL

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