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United for Ukraine NFT collection

United for Ukraine NFT collection Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: This NFT collection of 1000 pieces has been created exclusively to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Thanks to the support of 9 large NGOs and Javier Mariscal, this project has been made possible. It is the first time in history that 9 Spanish NGOs […]

HellDog NFT 888

HellDog NFT 888 NFT Drop Details: The HellDog NFT Collection is a multi-collection project that will tie into many future projects under the Wrong Artist brand. The genesis collection consists of 21 hand-drawn 1 of 1 HellDogs, and its accompanying collection (HellDog Sentinels), consists of 12 HellDog Sentinels limited to 10 NFTs […]


META SALVATION XX | 0.02 ETH Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: MAY 29th 2022 0.02 ETH META SALVATION XX | 0.02 ETH The Meta Salvation XX is a premium NFT collection, stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The story of project is linked to the post-apocalyptic world and 10,000 unique women characters. Gamification level and owner […]

DoggoBrick NFT Drop

NFT Drop Details: DoggoBrick is one part limited edition art toy, another part NFT collectible, and hopefully all parts a bridge between the physical and digital worlds we inhabit. We built the DoggoBrick brand to connect the nostalgic feeling we have towards toys and the complexities of self-expression in the modern age. We believe that […]

Test Drop Video Demo

non-fungi NFTs

Sorry, got paranoid and deleted the video, will do another one. NFT Drop Details: test drop NFT Drop URL  

The Peacemakers

The Peacemakers Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: Our collection offers 442 unique characters with over 300 layers! Peacekeepers Mint is offering you the free mint of all our upcoming collections. Each of our collections has a specific purpose and will be part of the same universe. We're just getting started and want to take things […]

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