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Pickle Society

Pickle Society

NFT Drop Details: Date : Jan 15th , 2022 Blockchain : Polygon (Ethereum Layer 2) Description : The Pickle Society is a pack of 10,000 programmatically generated NFT Pickles on the Polygon network. Each Pickle is unique and generated and with a bunch of different colours, accessories, and attributes. When you buy an NFT, 40% […]


SEX NFT Platform

NFT Drop Details: Public Sale Jan 23th 07:00 UTC Mint price: 0.05-0.08 ETH Collection of 6900 embryos + FREE SEX HERO for Holders! For SEX NFT Holders we are starting Ultra Gain Giveaway with 100 ETH Total Prizes! AboutDrop: x3 clans: Boy Sperm, Girl Egg, Androgynous Sexual education clubs Charitable donation Passive Income […]

Turtles League

NFT Drop Details: Turtles League NFT is a collection made up of a limited supply of 10,000 including Metaverse projects 👾 Discord: 🕊️ Twitter: 🌐 Website: There's a parallel universe where the Earth hosts some really strange turtles. A weird celestial event spread radiations that altered turtles' form and peace. The turtles […]



CryptoShards are 8888 unique, algorithmically generated pieces of art with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain as non-fungible tokens and have the main purpose of bringing huge prizes to the community of holders! By holding at least one CryptoShard NFT you have the chance to win awesome prizes at every 5% advancement of […]

Angry Arabs

NFT Drop Details: Angry Arabs NFT Collection THE SAUCE A collection of 1000 unique Angry Arabs NFT living in the desert of the blockchain. Few of the first homo sapiens to voyager around the blockchain in the first-ever hovering space yacht; listening to drums and watching meta belly dancers. No need to be scared of […]

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