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Anti Protagonists

NFT Drop Details: Protagonist NFTs are the key to unlocking your potential! Granting access to private social clubs and exclusive perks. These tokens get you access to a wealth of resources and opportunities, making it easier than ever to get ahead in today's competitive marketplace. Plus, the roadmap for the future promises even more benefits, […]

MechArcade | Built for competition and ready for the Metaverse


MechArcade | Built for competition and ready for the Metaverse. NFT Drop Details: Whitelist Mint: January 18, 2022 Waitlist Mint: January 19, 2022 Public Sale: January 20, 2022 Mint: 10,000 NFTs at 0.08 ETH Website: https://mecharcade.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mecharcade Discord: http://discord.gg/MechArcade Medium: https://medium.com/@mecharcadeofficial Description: The genesis Mechs of the MechArcade are 10,000 giant mechanical robots. Each […]

The Furry Heads

NFT Drop Details: The first story-driven multiverse project revolutionizing the world through NFTs. We're a story-driven NFT project on Ethereum. Minting starts January 20th All NFTs are integrated into the story and will evolve over time. But that's not all. We're building a creative community. You will be able to learn at our digital university […]

Xolos Crew

NFT Drop Details: Xolos Crew is a unique NFT collection based in the awesome, beautiful and magical culture there's in Mexico. 🇲🇽 Each Xolo has unique traits about Mexico and its heritage. We’re giving away great NFTs anytime we reach 1,000 minted Xolos until we reach 5,000! * A Beatnik Tiki Tribe at 1,000. * […]

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT Collection Info Name: Silly Sheep NFT Quantity: 5555 Blockchain: Solana Drop Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022 Price: 0.55 SOL Twitter: https://twitter.com/SillySheepNFT Discord: https://discord.gg/RwgPHy4Xez Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sillysheepnft/ Website: https://sillysheepnft.com/ Silly Sheep are 5555 pixelated NFT collectibles roaming across the Solana blockchain. Silly Sheep are set to become one of the first NFT Animated Series. […]

Astral Kingdom

Astral Kingdom

NFT Drop Details: 1,111 Astrology-based membership-pass NFTs for access to The Web3 Spiritual Community. We’re building a community of wellness, The Spiritual DAO, and the Astral Kingdom NFT Collections serve as membership passes to join! Beginning with Capricorn, the Astral Kingdom will release an NFT collection for every zodiac sign. Profits fill a treasury and […]

Alto City

Alto City

Message Body: Please can you mention our project... Spanning the globe are 1060 cities in 15 different colour schemes, 9 original and 6 reflecting tributes to famous artists. The collection comprises of a total of 15,900 unique NFTs. More details at https://altocity.io/ Roadmap is focused on revenue streams for their community wallet with plans for […]

Crypto Frog Frens

Crypto Frog Frens

NFT Drop Details: January 20, 2022 web-site: https://www.cryptofrogfrens.io twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoFrogFrens discord: http://discord.gg/cryptofrogfrens 19.01.2022 - whitelist pre-sale: 0.07 eth 20.01.2022 - public sale: 0.09 eth Crypto Frog Frens is a reincarnation of a classic NFT collection Crypto Pixel Pepe born in March of 2021. Each frog is a 25x25 pixel art image, only 1 pixel away […]

Doodle Dragonz

NFT Drop Details: Doodle Dragonz is a collection of 2,222 uniquely drawn Dragonz on the Solana Blockhain. An unofficial derivative inspired by Doodles and Boryoku Dragonz. We have gathered an elite team of coders, marketers and community managers to work with our lead artist to bring this vision of Doodle Dragonz to life. We would […]

The Roty Broi

NFT Drop Details: The ROTY BROI is a collection of 1047 unique generative and handpicked #NFTs, that live on the Polygon blockchain. Each #NFT is made from over 100+ traits. Each trait is meticulously hand-drawn and crafted by The BROY, then mixed and generated by LOGO PABRIK ROTI using an algorithm to create unique characters. […]

TimeVerse NFT

NFT Drop Details: Buy, collect and earn DATES in the Metaverse with the First NFT perk that allows you to possess TIME! With TimeVerseNFT you can buy Time in the Metaverse, literally. 1. Whether it is a historical date like the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon or a date of significance to you […]

Lionia Club

Decentralized Nation

NFT Drop Details: Lionia Club is a collection of 10,000 unique Lion NFTs, living on the Polygon blockchain. Members of the Lionia Club came from another dimension, where lions rather than humans evolved as the dominant species on earth and named the planet 'Lionia'. Minting a Lionia Club Member (LCM) costs only 20 MATIC (~0.012 […]

Sweet Legendary Dragon

NFT Drop Details: Sweet Legendary Dragon: is a very nice collection of very cute dragon in their everyday life. All the nfts in this collection are unique, entirely handmade. To discover only on Kalao. Blockchain: Avalanche NFT Drop URL https://marketplace.kalao.io/collection/0x4c7a4b13ab24a21d45892acd2f055ddd2fc370d2

Doodle Crocs NFT Launch

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain: Solana Date: Jan 20 8pm UTC URLs: https://camocrocsnft.com/doodlecrocs/ https://twitter.com/camocrocsnft https://discord.gg/kPrANwezF3 Description: Doodle Crocs is the next NFT collection from the Camo Crocs family of NFTs, and it is being offered almost FREE! Doodle Crocs, the cartoony crocs that can camouflage, are the precursors of Camo Crocs. When we developed Camo Crocs, […]

Cats Corporation – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Cats Corporation – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena NFT Drop Details: Cats Corporation community is a mix of cats and techs enthusiasts. We’ve come together to create an innovative ecosystem based on up-to-date technologies for everyone who believes in a transparent WEB 3.0 era future.   Dates: 20/01/2022 Blockchain: Ethereum URLs: Website: https://thecatscorporation.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/catscorporation Discord: […]

The CatKinsons $PURR Season 1

The CatKinsons $PURR Season 1 NFT Drop Details: The CatKinsons is the CNFT Collection of $PURR, the first Cat Meme coin on Cardano going to the moon without a Plan! This is not only a CNFT Collection, this is our CatBolik Plan! We want to give utility to our project and build up a little […]

Twin Flames Pixels

NFT Drop Details: Twin Flames Pixels is a tribute to the legendary NY photographer Justin Aversano & his iconic and sold out 2018 collection Twin Flames, where he photographed 100 sets of twins. As these beautiful photos are so highly sought after, with a floor price of 142 eth, I have recreated all 100 photos […]

Ghost Cats Club

NFT Drop Details: Ghost Cats Club is the most community-focused project on solana. Aiming to be the best community and build a very strong DAO. NFT Drop URL https://ghostcatsclub.com

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