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NFT Drop Details: Poseidon starts with a collection of 10.000 unique fish of level 1. A fish can hunt another fish of same level or less owned by the same account. When that happens, the prey is burned and the new level of the predator is old_level + prey_level. Q. When is the mint? Friday […]

The Psychedelic Ape Club

The Psychedelic Ape Club NFT Drop Details: The Psychedelic Ape Club is a collection of Apes that are exposed to psychedelics. The digital collectibles are established within the Polygon Blockchain, which enables users to collect, and trade them. 👽Holders Will Receive Monthly Rewards 👽Early Investors Will Receive Higher Access In Community 👽 Holders Receive Access […]

Galaxy Metaverse

NFT Drop Details: Galaxy metaverse is a collection of 10,000 solar system NFTs, 3000x2000px unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Solar System is unique and generated from over 344 different traits including different stars, planets and backgrounds. All solar systems are beautiful and special, but only some have special traits like golden […]

Juicy Steak Bites NFT Drop

NFT Drop Details: We have unleashed a bunch of T-Bone steaks into the world so that they can explore a bit and they found their way onto OpenSea with a few new accessories. Top hats, tattoos and knifes, just to name a few! The whole collection has been minted and our collection started selling a […]


#Teejeez is a collection of 8888 randomly generated pixelized humans living on the ETH Metaverse NFT Drop Details: - What is Teejeez? In search for the answer to the "Are we living in a simulation?" question, the famous scientist E.M. had the idea to code a program to simulate an entire universe. What he couldn't […]

Genesis Penguins

Penguin Karts

We're dropping our collection of 10K Genesis Penguins (PFP) NFTs to the community on the Ethereum blockchain! NFT Drop Details: FREE TO CLAIM! MINT DATE: JANUARY 2022 CHAIN: Ξ ETHEREUM Get started by joining our discord: and connect to NFT Drop URL


NFT Drop Details: Welcome to a new era of Art. Join us on our adventure with faceless by your side as he progresses to evolve and represents new aspects of art. The future is now! The Drop date was on the 28.12.2021 and the collection is on the Polygon Blockchain. Here you can find all […]

Celestial Bears | Symbol of strength & unity | OpenSea

Celestial Bears

NFT Drop Details: Introducing Celestial Bears 🐻, the NFT collection with the most robust rarity system yet! 6 months of hard work was invested into this collection to create HD and intricate designs. Celestial Bears was created to represent strength and unity in the bear market, and to encourage people to remain courageous. 💪 Each Celestial Bear allows […]

Galaxy Geekz Whitelist

Galaxy Geekz Whitelist NFT Drop Details: Galaxy Geekz Galaxy Geekz are a community-driven NFT project. Created over the last 6 months, 8888 unique Galaxy Geekz with 175+ hand drawn traits will be randomly generated. The Community will vote on the last traits before all are generated. The Project What started as a dream to change […]

Degenz Den

NFT Drop Details: Degenz Den is a collection of 2,000 Hyena NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain that double as Degenz DAO membership cards. Members receive 1:1 airdrops for a second Honey Badger NFT collection, entry into raffles for ETH, NFTs, plane tickets to Vegas, and more, and holders also receive FREE unlockable cryptovoxel wearables, […]

The Office NFT Game

NFT Drop Details: A community driven NFT game that utilizes blockchain technology to win the "Paper war".Own the best employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. You can mint seasonal NFTs that can be traded on Opensea. The seasonal NFT are limited and can be used in-game for staking, trading and to earn rewards. The number […]


The Anunnaki is an exclusive collection of individually hand-made pop art portraits of the ancient Gods who ruled ancient Mesopotamia. The collection comprises of 4 distinct degrees of deities with a VERY limited supply for each category: GODS The highest of deities in the Sumerian pantheon. 12-limited collection : 12 x 1 HIGH PRIESTS The […]

Secret Society of Odd Fellows

NFT Drop Details: Secret Society of Odd Fellows is a collection of 10,011 Odd Fellows NFTs - unique digital collectibles, secretly living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Odd Fellow doubles as your Secret Society membership card, and grants you access to members-only benefits. The first of which is real world utility; VIP Access, Table Service […]

SamurAi Robots

SamurAi Robots is a collection of 10,000 absolutely unique tokenized artworks, divided into 8 classic art directions, forming the aesthetic development line of the NFT community. Welcome to the world created in the collab of human intelligence, which has been awarded the title “Talent of Russia” four times, and artificial intelligence, named “The largest computing […]

Conways – Game Of Life V0.0

NFT Drop Details: This collection consists of 1.001 NFTs in 5 different art styles with 200 NFTs each and on top the music from the trailer as NFT.The art style starts out very simple and becomes increasingly complex. Each NFT is 60 seconds long. The idea behind this is to show the game mechanics. That […]

Secret Syren Society

Secret Syrens

NFT Drop Details: Secret Syren Society is the world's first ARG NFT project with an upcoming strategy and P2E game rewarding holders with passive income. Mint Supply: 7,777 Syrens Mint Price: TBA 👽 World's First ARG NFT 🎨 Metaverse-Compatible, 3D Art 💰 Gaming with Shared Revenue Join now! NFT Drop URL

Black Joy BFFs

NFT Drop Details: New Black joy centered NFT Collection Dropped Houston - A new collection of NFTs called Black Joy BFFs featuring Black characters released its first 20 NFTs. The first 20 NFTs are on sale now for 7 days until next Friday, when the next 20 characters are released. Upon release, 1 character was […]

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