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Soul Dogs City

NFT Drop Details: Retro-inspired, high-quality 3D Soul Dogs roaming on #Solana ✧ A home for 9,999 rebels, misfits, and dreamers ✧ Own, earn and explore in the first 3D metaverse on Solana ✧ #SDC $BONES Mint: Jan 14 2022 - 1400 UTC Price: .95 SOL site: SoulDogs.City discord: NFT Drop URL http://SoulDogs.City

Galaxy Geekz Whitelist

Galaxy Geekz Whitelist NFT Drop Details: Galaxy Geekz Galaxy Geekz are a community-driven NFT project. Created over the last 6 months, 8888 unique Galaxy Geekz with 175+ hand drawn traits will be randomly generated. The Community will vote on the last traits before all are generated. The Project What started as a dream to change […]

The Office NFT Game

NFT Drop Details: A community driven NFT game that utilizes blockchain technology to win the "Paper war".Own the best employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. You can mint seasonal NFTs that can be traded on Opensea. The seasonal NFT are limited and can be used in-game for staking, trading and to earn rewards. The number […]

Secret Syren Society

Secret Syrens

NFT Drop Details: Secret Syren Society is the world's first ARG NFT project with an upcoming strategy and P2E game rewarding holders with passive income. Mint Supply: 7,777 Syrens Mint Price: TBA 👽 World's First ARG NFT 🎨 Metaverse-Compatible, 3D Art 💰 Gaming with Shared Revenue Join now! NFT Drop URL



NFT Drop Details: Genetically and Robotically modified creatures inspired by Island of Dr Moreau battle it out in a strategic clan war. There are five clans (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple) that include over 20 different creature types. The battles take place using NFT assets in a stylised board game arena. Ground, Sea and Air […]

MechArcade | Built for competition and ready for the Metaverse


MechArcade | Built for competition and ready for the Metaverse. NFT Drop Details: Whitelist Mint: January 18, 2022 Waitlist Mint: January 19, 2022 Public Sale: January 20, 2022 Mint: 10,000 NFTs at 0.08 ETH Website: Twitter: Discord: Medium: Description: The genesis Mechs of the MechArcade are 10,000 giant mechanical robots. Each […]

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT Collection Info Name: Silly Sheep NFT Quantity: 5555 Blockchain: Solana Drop Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022 Price: 0.55 SOL Twitter: Discord: Instagram: Website: Silly Sheep are 5555 pixelated NFT collectibles roaming across the Solana blockchain. Silly Sheep are set to become one of the first NFT Animated Series. […]

Astral Kingdom

Astral Kingdom

NFT Drop Details: 1,111 Astrology-based membership-pass NFTs for access to The Web3 Spiritual Community. We’re building a community of wellness, The Spiritual DAO, and the Astral Kingdom NFT Collections serve as membership passes to join! Beginning with Capricorn, the Astral Kingdom will release an NFT collection for every zodiac sign. Profits fill a treasury and […]

Crypto Frog Frens

Crypto Frog Frens

NFT Drop Details: January 20, 2022 web-site: twitter: discord: 19.01.2022 - whitelist pre-sale: 0.07 eth 20.01.2022 - public sale: 0.09 eth Crypto Frog Frens is a reincarnation of a classic NFT collection Crypto Pixel Pepe born in March of 2021. Each frog is a 25x25 pixel art image, only 1 pixel away […]

Cats Corporation – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Cats Corporation – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena NFT Drop Details: Cats Corporation community is a mix of cats and techs enthusiasts. We’ve come together to create an innovative ecosystem based on up-to-date technologies for everyone who believes in a transparent WEB 3.0 era future.   Dates: 20/01/2022 Blockchain: Ethereum URLs: Website: Twitter: Discord: […]

The CatKinsons $PURR Season 1

The CatKinsons $PURR Season 1 NFT Drop Details: The CatKinsons is the CNFT Collection of $PURR, the first Cat Meme coin on Cardano going to the moon without a Plan! This is not only a CNFT Collection, this is our CatBolik Plan! We want to give utility to our project and build up a little […]

World of Cryptoids

NFT Drop Details: World of Cryptoids: First Closed Beta Welcome all! Thank you for your interest in joining the whitelist for ROUND ONE of our closed Beta. You will have the opportunity to win our big PRIZE! Once you’ve registered and started the game, feel free to post in the #beta-test discord channel with any […]

CryptoGonks – Bring the Gonk back from extinction!


NFT Drop Details: @TheCryptoGonks Awesome long-term roadmap NFTs with Utilities +game rewarding token $Fuzzy, DAO, launchpad and freemint What more can we ask for! 🌐️ 🐦️ 🌊 🎮️ Public Mint 21JAN2022 11PM UTC In the beginning there was the word, and the word was Gonk. A Gonk, aka Glook- Gonk was a popular plush […]

Frontera – Mecha NFT Game Metaverse

Frontera Games

NFT Drop Details: Frontera is an up-and-coming NFT metaverse game where users can not only own NFTs but also level up, evolve them, and engage in battle vs bots and other players. Frontera also allows players to monetize their gaming experience by offering various play-to-earn mechanisms, staking, and an in-house marketplace. For in-game transactions, it […]

Robotoverse NFT


Rapper Famous Dex Releases His First NFT Project This Friday 1/21 NFT Drop Details: Hey Robotos, this is the week! As you all know, our partnership with rapper Famous Dex is ongoing and he will be in our Robotoverse discord channel this week! Who will mint the 1 of 1 Famous Dex NFT?! Whitelist signups […]



NFT Drop Details: CatchKing Explorers are a collection of 5,555 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain. They offer players of our collect-a-thon play and earn game an abundance of benefits including: A beautiful PFP, a unique fully animated in-game skin, early access, and our utility token $CatchCoin. Mint Date: 1/27 8PM UTC Mint Price: 0.55 […]


SolPirates Solana NFT

NFT Drop Details: Mint Date Jan 28 00:00 UTC 7717 uniquely generated NFT project on the Solana Blockchain. Each pirate is randomly generated from hundreds of hand drawn attributes ranging from common to super rare. In addition, each pirate has unique battle stats. The majority of minting proceeds will go into the treasury which is […]

🧧 Fortune Friends Club Drop 🧧

Fortune Friends Club

🧧 Fortune Friends Club Drop 🧧 NFT Drop Details: Celebrating Asian culture with a collection of 8,888 cute lil’ Baos to remind you of values we care about the most – food, friends & fortune. FFC is led by an Asian female founder, based in Australia. We’re building crypto-funded Asian Creatives Studio, a launchpad for […]

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