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Hottest Rods NFTs American Muscle Series

Hottest Rods

NFT Drop Details: The Hottest Rods American Muscle Car series is headed out of the generative art garage and onto the streets of the Solana blockchain.  We built exactly 6,450 in this series as a tribute to the 64.5 mustang.  Stop by and check out the project, get involved and pick up your cars on […]



Blotz is a collection of 2,525 hand-drawn, randomly generated NFTs on the Solana network. Influenced by the conscious-expanding universe of blotter art, Blotz tokens are digitally crafted using tabs for a truly unique and trippy vibe. Tokens may be utilized at a future date to continue the psychedelics-inspired experience. Welcome to the Blotz community - […]

Polypixel Clan – Free Mint on Polygon

Polypixel Clan

NFT Drop Details: The Polypixel Clan is a collection of unique NFTS that are procedurally generated. Each layer is made from hand drawn pixel art. All 6000 NFTS are free to mint. Date: January 23rd 2022, 1 PM GMT Blockchain: Polygon https://polypixelclan.com/

Phat Pandaz NFT

Phat Pandaz NFT - 9898 lit Pandaz with a focus on community, fine art, and the PandaVerse Message Body: Introducing Phat Pandaz, the Exclusive NFT Project from Phat Panda After much anticipation, Phat Panda is launching its very own NFT project: Phat Pandaz. As one of the leading legal adult-use cannabis multi-state operators, Phat Panda […]


  WEB3SPIDERS is our first of many generative collections. WEB3SPIDERS is dropping January 31st on Polygon blockchain. Follow us on social media and join us on Discord to stay up to date! Discord: https://discord.gg/2hjQvnuCnt Twitter: https://twitter.com/ONE0ONE_NFT Website: https://one0onenft.com/ Total Supply: 5000


NFT Drop Details: Dorkie is a collaborative community driven collection of 9966 randomly generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Our goal is to build the biggest Dorkie WTF group in the Metaverse and let the community decide where this project will be going and expanding. We believe the success of a NFT project is in […]



CryptoShards are 8888 unique, algorithmically generated pieces of art with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain as non-fungible tokens and have the main purpose of bringing huge prizes to the community of holders! By holding at least one CryptoShard NFT you have the chance to win awesome prizes at every 5% advancement of […]

MeSkullz Launch

MeSkullz Launch NFT Drop Details: The Story MeSkullz is a community of 10,000+ metaverse-ready 3D voxel figures created by a custom generative algorithm which can represent you, me and just about anybody! With VR & AR technologies, our goal is to bring everyone together as a community to interact in the ‘Afterlife’ metaverse. When the […]

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