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Jellycubes – Block Investment Group

Jellycubes - Block Investment Group Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: Jellycubes are your ticket into the Exclusive Block Investment Group - an Alpha Group that provides members with the Information, Tools, and Networking to succeed in the Crypto & NFT Space. The release will be 1250 NFTs at 500 ADA each. The drop will be […]


MetaCityGame Blockchain: Ethereum NFT Drop Details: 👀 MetaCityGame MetaCityGame is a p2e game that will be released on the mint date. It's a world of DEFI gaming, earning, and collecting with real cities and iconic buildings, with its own in-game ecosystem where city-zens work&stake, city-rats steal, and owners tax, but everyone earns!!! it combines our […]

Shatterpoint Founders Hero Collection

Shatterpoint Founders Hero Collection Blockchain: Polygon NFT Drop Details: Collect a unique playable Founder hero avatar from a world in the Shatterpoint universe and become the first to conquer the Free-to-Play action RPG mobile game. Brought to you by Estoty - a leading European game studio with over 1.5bn game downloads. Shatterpoint Founder Heroes are […]

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