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Secret Syren Society

Secret Syrens

NFT Drop Details: Secret Syren Society is the world's first ARG NFT project with an upcoming strategy and P2E game rewarding holders with passive income. Mint Supply: 7,777 Syrens Mint Price: TBA 👽 World's First ARG NFT 🎨 Metaverse-Compatible, 3D Art 💰 Gaming with Shared Revenue Join now! NFT Drop URL

Bit Hotel Metaverse Land Sale

NFT Drop Details: The Metaverse Sphere is trembling as the Bit Hotel is getting ready for its very first Land Sale of 5000 playable Bit Hotel Rooms! Sale Date: Jan 19, 2022, 16:00 UTC Mint Price: 200-21K, BUSD Website: Roadmap: Twitter: Telegram: Discord: Medium: Reddit: Watch our social […]

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT Collection Info Name: Silly Sheep NFT Quantity: 5555 Blockchain: Solana Drop Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022 Price: 0.55 SOL Twitter: Discord: Instagram: Website: Silly Sheep are 5555 pixelated NFT collectibles roaming across the Solana blockchain. Silly Sheep are set to become one of the first NFT Animated Series. […]

TimeVerse NFT

NFT Drop Details: Buy, collect and earn DATES in the Metaverse with the First NFT perk that allows you to possess TIME! With TimeVerseNFT you can buy Time in the Metaverse, literally. 1. Whether it is a historical date like the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon or a date of significance to you […]

The CatKinsons $PURR Season 1

The CatKinsons $PURR Season 1 NFT Drop Details: The CatKinsons is the CNFT Collection of $PURR, the first Cat Meme coin on Cardano going to the moon without a Plan! This is not only a CNFT Collection, this is our CatBolik Plan! We want to give utility to our project and build up a little […]

World of Cryptoids

NFT Drop Details: World of Cryptoids: First Closed Beta Welcome all! Thank you for your interest in joining the whitelist for ROUND ONE of our closed Beta. You will have the opportunity to win our big PRIZE! Once you’ve registered and started the game, feel free to post in the #beta-test discord channel with any […]

Frontera – Mecha NFT Game Metaverse

Frontera Games

NFT Drop Details: Frontera is an up-and-coming NFT metaverse game where users can not only own NFTs but also level up, evolve them, and engage in battle vs bots and other players. Frontera also allows players to monetize their gaming experience by offering various play-to-earn mechanisms, staking, and an in-house marketplace. For in-game transactions, it […]


SEX NFT Platform

NFT Drop Details: Public Sale Jan 23th 07:00 UTC Mint price: 0.05-0.08 ETH Collection of 6900 embryos + FREE SEX HERO for Holders! For SEX NFT Holders we are starting Ultra Gain Giveaway with 100 ETH Total Prizes! AboutDrop: x3 clans: Boy Sperm, Girl Egg, Androgynous Sexual education clubs Charitable donation Passive Income […]

Chill Cubes

NFT Drop Details: Chapter 2 to the Crypto Punkins NFTs. The Chill Cubes were summoned by the Punkin Wizard to battle the elements and yetis on the way to the Punkin Seed Vault deep in the Mountains. Each Chill Cub NFT will be an in game avatar and profile picture for the upcoming Launcher game. […]

Clash Of DragonZ

NFT Drop Details: 7777 Hand-drawn DragonZ NFTs built around a Play-to-Earn game, including 12 iconic ones. 600+ different elements, the largest in the World. ETH NFT Drop URL

Block Monsters Trainer NFT

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain based Play to Earn Crypto Game. Collect your Blockmons as NFTs and Trade or Fight with your friends! Trainers are your digital identity of the Block Monster Metaverse. Show off who you are when playing the game and be the very best! The minting of Trainer NFTs is completely random. You […]

8,888 Dragon Rascals | NFT + P2E Game

Dragon Rascals

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain: ETH WL Mint Date: Jan 31, 2022 00:00am UTC Public Mint Date: Feb 2, 2022 00:00am UTC Website: Discord: Twitter: IG: Description: On January 31, 2022, a cosmic tear is allowing 8,888 Dragon Rascals to return to our universe after being banished 20,000 years ago. But, to […]



NFT Drop Details: The Periodic Table of Elements has come to life in the form of 14,411 Elementbots as a war wages on the Polygon Blockchain between ten clans over resources. Enter the Elementverse and our Elementbot PVP, P2E game where you can play, collect and earn. As a member of Elementbots your Elementbot NFT […]

Koala Kingdom

NFT Drop Details: Koala Kingdom is a collection of 9,999 unique NFTs. Koala Kingdom will become a ‘play to earn’ card game soon after launch! Mint price: 40 ADA NFT Drop URL

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