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Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT

Silly Sheep NFT Collection Info Name: Silly Sheep NFT Quantity: 5555 Blockchain: Solana Drop Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022 Price: 0.55 SOL Twitter: https://twitter.com/SillySheepNFT Discord: https://discord.gg/RwgPHy4Xez Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sillysheepnft/ Website: https://sillysheepnft.com/ Silly Sheep are 5555 pixelated NFT collectibles roaming across the Solana blockchain. Silly Sheep are set to become one of the first NFT Animated Series. […]

Doodle Dragonz

NFT Drop Details: Doodle Dragonz is a collection of 2,222 uniquely drawn Dragonz on the Solana Blockhain. An unofficial derivative inspired by Doodles and Boryoku Dragonz. We have gathered an elite team of coders, marketers and community managers to work with our lead artist to bring this vision of Doodle Dragonz to life. We would […]

Doodle Crocs NFT Launch

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain: Solana Date: Jan 20 8pm UTC URLs: https://camocrocsnft.com/doodlecrocs/ https://twitter.com/camocrocsnft https://discord.gg/kPrANwezF3 Description: Doodle Crocs is the next NFT collection from the Camo Crocs family of NFTs, and it is being offered almost FREE! Doodle Crocs, the cartoony crocs that can camouflage, are the precursors of Camo Crocs. When we developed Camo Crocs, […]

Ghost Cats Club

NFT Drop Details: Ghost Cats Club is the most community-focused project on solana. Aiming to be the best community and build a very strong DAO. NFT Drop URL https://ghostcatsclub.com

Exotic Ape

Exotic Ape

NFT Drop Details: Exotic Ape is 1/1 NFTs Project on Solana Blockchain. Exotic Ape available on Solana Ecosystem and got Honorable Mention by Indonesia Art Project website: https://exoticape.com twitter: https://twitter.com/ExoticApe discord: https://discord.com/invite/PpxNymjw2G quantity: 2 date (UTC): 2022-01-21 time (UTC) 24h format: 17:00 UTC price (SOL): 0.5 project type: PFP Mint type : Auction Blockchain: Solana […]



Blotz is a collection of 2,525 hand-drawn, randomly generated NFTs on the Solana network. Influenced by the conscious-expanding universe of blotter art, Blotz tokens are digitally crafted using tabs for a truly unique and trippy vibe. Tokens may be utilized at a future date to continue the psychedelics-inspired experience. Welcome to the Blotz community - […]

Horror Fellas

NFT Drop Details: Horror Fellas is an NFT collection including 10,000 high-quality hand-drawn pieces of art inspired by the horror and fear that happens on TV screens, in books and in gripping stories. First Solana NFT collection with Augmented Reality technology. https://discord.gg/4qbMS4yTDU https://horror-fellas-solana-nft.com/ https://twitter.com/HorrorFellasNft Mint date: 22 January 18:00 UTC Mint Price: 0.7 SOL Solana

Meta Estates

NFT Drop Details: 4444 Randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Each estate will reside in the Meta Estates Neighborhood! Minting Jan 22nd for 0.7 SOL Roadmap: 1. Growing the community: The Meta Estates Team will work strategically to grow the community and spread awareness. Events, AMAs, Partnerships, and giveaways will be organized. 2. Minting: […]

AstroArmy DAO

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain: Solana Website: https://www.astroarmy.io Discord: https://discord.gg/8QrvaDr2J3 Twitter: https://twitter.com/astroarmynft Description: 🪐 AstroArmy DAO is a collection of 3,333 hand painted NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 📋 Our whitelist has launched so make sure to visit our discord for more details! What makes AstroArmy unique: 1. Fractional share of high-growth assets (both digital and […]

Banksy Aachoo NFT

NFT Drop Details: This SOLANA based NFT is one of the hottest upcoming crypto projects on the market. Aachoo NFT is a collection of 4900 NFTs. Each NFT is unique and provides ownership to the actual physical wall. Ever dreamed of owning an original Banksy piece? Or previously tried to secure ownership of this great […]

Blockboys NFT


NFT Drop Details: Meet The Blockboys The Blockboys are the newest PFP NFT minting on the Solana blockchain, but they are also so much more. They are a vision of the future of gaming and an exploration of the possibilities created by NFTs and Blockchain technology. They will be an onramp for mainstream adoption of […]

Metaverse Avenue

Metaverse Avenue

NFT Drop Details: This is the world's first NFT-based advertising Metaverse. Unlike regular NFT collections, we sell advertising space in NFT format. Metaverse Avenue consists of interactive billboards located in the Metaverse. After buying our token, you will get one of the blocks on our billboards, in which you can upload your profile picture (PFP) […]



NFT Drop Details: CatchKing Explorers are a collection of 5,555 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain. They offer players of our collect-a-thon play and earn game an abundance of benefits including: A beautiful PFP, a unique fully animated in-game skin, early access, and our utility token $CatchCoin. Mint Date: 1/27 8PM UTC Mint Price: 0.55 […]


SolPirates Solana NFT

NFT Drop Details: Mint Date Jan 28 00:00 UTC 7717 uniquely generated NFT project on the Solana Blockchain. Each pirate is randomly generated from hundreds of hand drawn attributes ranging from common to super rare. In addition, each pirate has unique battle stats. The majority of minting proceeds will go into the treasury which is […]

Meta Paradise Island

Meta Paradise Island

NFT Drop Details: Meta Paradise Island (MPI) is a play-to-earn Battle Royale Island Survival game. Enabling NFT owners to own land in the Metaverse and reap revenue-generating benefits from the game. Including a real private island resort that backs the project. The MPI Token will be used for the in-game currency! Minting on the 28th […]

Meta Hamsters

NFT Drop Details: A collection of 4,000 go lucky mischievous funny hamsters who have found their way into the metaverse and left their real-word behind. We have purchased land in the Sandbox to build out a new world. Twitter: https://twitter.com/metahamsters Discord: https://discord.com/invite/metahamsters Mint Site: https://www.metahamsters.io/ Mint 1/29/22  Blockchain  Solana NFT Drop URL https://www.metahamsters.io/

Foxes Of Solana

NFT Drop Details: Foxes Of Solana is a community driven collection of 2222 randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Our goal is to reward our community by rewarding holders and create a treasury of NFT with the royalties. NFT Drop URL https://foxesofsolana.com/


NFT Drop Details: 1888 Sol-Rex is coming to the #Solana blockchain. Participate in online gaming, while sharing the profits from this project! Whitelist Mint: 28 Jan 5pm UTC Public Mint: 29 Jan 5pm UTC Blockchain: Solana Website: https://www.sol-rex.net/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTSolrex Discord: https://discord.gg/Sol-Rex NFT Drop URL https://discord.gg/Sol-Rex

Mutant Beavers

NFT Drop Details: A group of 1111 Northern Beavers decided to go on vacation to escape the terrible winter, however, they never reached their destination and their whereabouts are unknown. In recent days, several witnesses claim to have seen mutant beavers roaming around SOLANA. This project has the mission to solve the mystery and cure […]

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