NFT Gallery Displayed in WordPress

Simple page with some embedded NFT cards from OpenSea. An exploration on which NFTs can be embedded in a WordPress frontend with use of the custom HTML block. This however is not very mobile responsive.

Full Width Page Gallery Embed

These are customized embed nft cards using the OpenSea example. In WordPress we used a single column full page width block, with a 4 x 4 table. Inside each table cell is customized custom HTML code with the custom OpenSea NFT Card code. The script tag is placed in the head. When inside the table cell, switch to HTML view to insert the NFT card HTML with some additional component inputs. The js script tag is cut and added just one time inside the head tags using a plugin.

<nft-card contractaddress="0x343b68141129ec115c1fc523c5ae90586fe95b77" tokenid="2316" width="250" height="250" orientationmode="auto">