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NFT Crypto Podcast

Here’s a recent podcast. Justin and Matt discuss NFTs and crypto with Broadbelt SpeaX. Matt talks about passive income and we discuss scams, banks, NFT utility, and general look at our experiences in the space. Visit Matt’s Empasta Cheeze Sauce site.


The Cryptoartist Collective Founded by Stellabelle in 2017 What is up fam?! As you can see I’ve decided to give this here writing contest, to win one of Stellabelle’s new PFP pieces minting in this OpenSea collection, a shot! 🔫 (do icons count as words in the word count? ‘hmmm’) Being in the right place […]

Latest Drops 11 Oct

What is up again fam?! Thought I’d try to bash out another quick list of all the new NFT drops that got added to the calendar today. There about another dozen or so, seems like a good number to tweet another list and another blog post. Angry Goats Poly Droids Public Sale Goofy Oversized Optics […]