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NFT Drop Details: 2500 unique Bats who need adoption The FantomSquad is a collection of 2500 Bats with hundreds of elements inspired by daily life, mythology, History and much more […]

Rogue Crocs

Rogue Crocs Message Body: 10,000 Rogue Crocs being unleashed on the Fantom Network This project was created with community in mind, not only Rogue Crocs, but the Fantom NFT community […]

Digi Kiwi

Digi Kiwi Message Body: Mint date: 23rd October 19.00UTC – until sold out Welcome to the Land of the Digital Cloud! The Digital Cloud, or Digi-Verse, is a universe full […]


Message Body: 👋 Hello! We’re CryptoWeeds — unique project at the intersection of NFT and real weed. We’re working to give you value not only in the collection of NFT […]