Tag: Mafia

Cows Mafia Club

Cows Mafia Club Message Body: Keep your friends and enemies closer. Cows Mafia Club is a collection of 8888 fierce generated NFTs, with a savage design and brave looking cows […]

Ethside Mafia

Ethside Mafia 8888 generative avatar project for the community. In the year 2150 when the world runs on Ethereum, there is only one family that you want to be a […]

Eight Bit Mafia

Eight Bit Mafia Message Body: 8,888 randomly generated Mafia mobsters are descending on the Metaverse! Living on the Ethereum blockchain, each mobster has varying rarities and traits, but they all […]

Magic Mushroom Mafia

Magic Mushroom Mafia Magic Mushroom Mafia is a collection of 999 Magic Mushroom NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. During presale, 50% of the collection was […]