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Blak Hats Music

Blak Hats Music Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: Decentralized Record Label: the first of its kind on Cardano. A collection of 6,666 unique Blak Hat Passes give holders exclusive first-access […]

Firebird Genesis Drop

Firebird Genesis Drop Blockchain: Cardano NFT Drop Details: A collection of 3333 musical stems. Genesis tokens for Firebird Media: An open source, decentralized protocol for tracking and protecting your creations, […]


OpenSea announced their first NFT launchpad drop https://opensea.io/blog/announcements/drops-on-opensea-an-immersive-and-secure-minting-experience/ https://opensea.io/collection/ctomgkirby/drop https://omgkirby.komi.io/ https://www.premint.xyz/notables-pass/ https://www.notables.co/gallery/omgkirby Tweets by omgkirbyDAO