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CryptoShards are 8888 unique, algorithmically generated pieces of art with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain as non-fungible tokens and have the main purpose of bringing huge prizes […]


NFT Drop Details: The first P2E simulation inside blockchain. Mint your character, stake and upgrade it, claim your digital real-estate (penthouse) and at last claim your Crypto Business. https://twitter.com/BrainDanceNFT https://discord.gg/BrainDance […]

MintMoney Beta

NFT Drop Details: MintMoney is a unique generative art project on the Polygon network that will change lives with huge crypto prizes for minters. Every NFT minted is a randomly […]


Hand-drawn, community-driven utility NFT collection by The Square Comics (~600k followers in Instagram) with the aim to support artists as the brand grows. Each Squarmies NFT holder can propose and […]

Pickle Society

NFT Drop Details: Date : Jan 15th , 2022 Blockchain : Polygon (Ethereum Layer 2) Description : The Pickle Society is a pack of 10,000 programmatically generated NFT Pickles on […]