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10.000 procedurally generated,unique, space themed collectibles with proof of ownership which uses Polygon blockchain. This collection consists of 4 groups: MetaPlanets, MetaStars, MetaGalaxies, MetaBlackHoles + Exclusive NFTs. Each group has […]

Candid Cacti

A collection of 5,000 Cacti on the Ethereum Blockchain. Gas-war free with a Raffle style public sale process, alongside an optimized smart contract which has seen 16-35% gas savings vis […]


The “MetaMen” Collection will be launching in Q1 2022. We will be launching 2 NFT collections with 5000 NFTs in each on February 12th, 2022 for 0.05 ETH each. The […]


NFT Drop Details: The first P2E simulation inside blockchain. Mint your character, stake and upgrade it, claim your digital real-estate (penthouse) and at last claim your Crypto Business. https://twitter.com/BrainDanceNFT https://discord.gg/BrainDance […]

Masonic Lizards

🦎 NFT Drop Details: Masonic Lizards are a collection of 1100 unique hand-drawn deflationary NFT’s 33% of royalties will be used to fund our monthly decode game! 5% of mint […]


MetaMotors.Art NFT Drop Lisitng https://medium.com/@metamotors.art Artist: Road2Veecon   http://www.MetaMotors.Art     Subscribe to non-fungi’s Newsletter💬 and Discord🎮

Busy Bees Club

The Busy Bees Club is releasing a collection of different rarities of Bees uniquely generated and aims to help save the world through charity effort. The Busy Bees Club is  […]

Fun Guys Club

Welcome FunGuys and FunGals! FunGuys Club is a collection of 9696 mushroom NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. These mushrooms are generated from over 60 different hand drawn traits with over […]