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78 New NFT Drops

Howdy folks, Just a quick Youtube video update scrolling through the last weeks new NFT Drops added. I counted 78. Thanks for sending them in! Still trying to keep up adding them as fast as I can while also trying to be creative myself. Eventually will need to automate or get some help adding new […]

Oct 4th NFT Launches

What is up. About 4 pages deep on the Drop Calendar you’ll find the actual NFT minting / launching events that are supposed to be for Oct4th! So here’s a quick list of those NFT projects launching tomorrow that are currently listed here at non-fungi.com. Northern Guilds: Thor 8am est Punks On Arbitrum 9am est […]

Drop Update

Drop update new NFT projects added. notes and links for Drop Calendar update for Sept 25th 2021, will add a video to go with it. Handy hotlinks: https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/catharsis-drop/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/chaos-blocks/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/lucky-star-drop/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/we-are-all-apes-nft-launch/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/lapin-mignon-generator-nft-drop/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/arithmetic-the-number-theory/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/bit-block-matic-purple-drop/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/compendi-pigs-drop-3d/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/nifty-teddy-drop/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/pesky-microbes/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/the-living-doodle/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/stoner-pumpkins/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/crypto-beefcakes/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/red-numbers/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/pixelbeasts-launch-day/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/the-revolutionaries/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/mighty-baby-dragons/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/inumojis/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/bored-pugs-halloween-special/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/pug-force/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/ipunk/https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/dazee-lands-on-solana/

SEO Update

Quick search engine results update. According to Google Search Console, non-fungi.com got 4,477 clicks from Google Search (+200%) in the past 28 days. Hopefully our NFT Drop Calendar listings are getting some quality visitors and good click-throughs to their events, social media channels and so on. Just wanted to update on how it’s going, if […]