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Latest Drops 11 Oct

What is up again fam?! Thought I’d try to bash out another quick list of all the new NFT drops that got added to the calendar today. There about another dozen or so, seems like a good number to tweet another list and another blog post. Angry Goats Poly Droids Public Sale Goofy Oversized Optics […]

Oct 4th NFT Launches

What is up. About 4 pages deep on the Drop Calendar you’ll find the actual NFT minting / launching events that are supposed to be for Oct4th! So here’s a quick list of those NFT projects launching tomorrow that are currently listed here at non-fungi.com. Northern Guilds: Thor 8am est Punks On Arbitrum 9am est […]

SEO Update

Quick search engine results update. According to Google Search Console, non-fungi.com got 4,477 clicks from Google Search (+200%) in the past 28 days. Hopefully our NFT Drop Calendar listings are getting some quality visitors and good click-throughs to their events, social media channels and so on. Just wanted to update on how it’s going, if […]

New Drops 9-17-21

Bunch of new Drops added to the calendar that came in over the past couple of days. I’m going to list all of them here and probably accompany this with a short Youtube video. Check them out, give me thumbs up and subscribe so I can keep this all going, cheers! https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/solana-penguins/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/adex-charity-nft-auction/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/pug-frens-nft-drop/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/the-rogue-sols/ […]