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Big Innovation From OpenSea

New big innovation from OpenSea, Project Seaport, is a marketplace protocol which is now public on GitHub. The new smart contract for marketplaces is open sourced and includes some interesting ‘swap’ potential, bid and offer for multiple tokens and NFTs, ERC721, and 1155. Linking to The Seaport Overview will provide more documentation about implementation. This […]

I Won a Good Boi

Can’t believe my luck! Yesterday. The feels when I became the proud owner of a Good Boi Doge….. wut?! 🐾 I was lucky enough to like and share the right tweet at the right time, one of three lucky winners of a Good Boi NFT. I love my Good Boi 💚 can’t wait to see […]

HTML iframe NFTs

New Youtube video is up, 🆕 also a link to the Github repo (MIT), that contains the code (HTML, CSS). It’s a look at using an iframe to embed an OpenSea NFT collection into your website. Following the OpenSea help pages I’m also appending the OpenSea referral code, but tbh I’m not sure if it […]

NFT Drop Tours

Sharing from youtube a couple of guided tours of upcoming NFT drops. I’m trying to list as many NFT drops I can find in the new NFT Drop Calendar installed on non-fungi.com. Enjoy the video, and smash the like and subscribe, hit me up to list your upcoming NFT drop! In this one I look […]