Tag: P2E


SolPlanets NFT Drop Details: SolPlanets is a P2E NFT Game dedicated entirely to the discovery and exploration of new planets. There are 500 unique randomly generated planets, with their own […]

Koala Kingdom

NFT Drop Details: Koala Kingdom is a collection of 9,999 unique NFTs. Koala Kingdom will become a ‘play to earn’ card game soon after launch! Mint price: 40 ADA NFT […]


Description: The Blockstars Collection consists of 10,000 Blockstar NFTs Musicians you can mix and match to form bands and climb the charts in Blockstars. A deeply social, deeply immersive and […]


NFT Drop Details: The first P2E simulation inside blockchain. Mint your character, stake and upgrade it, claim your digital real-estate (penthouse) and at last claim your Crypto Business. https://twitter.com/BrainDanceNFT https://discord.gg/BrainDance […]

Masonic Lizards

🦎 NFT Drop Details: Masonic Lizards are a collection of 1100 unique hand-drawn deflationary NFT’s 33% of royalties will be used to fund our monthly decode game! 5% of mint […]

8,888 Dragon Rascals | NFT + P2E Game

NFT Drop Details: Blockchain: ETH WL Mint Date: Jan 31, 2022 00:00am UTC Public Mint Date: Feb 2, 2022 00:00am UTC Website: https://dragonrascals.com Discord: https://discord.gg/dragonrascals Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragonrascals IG: https://www.instagram.com/dragonrascals/ Description: […]

Chill Cubes

NFT Drop Details: Chapter 2 to the Crypto Punkins NFTs. The Chill Cubes were summoned by the Punkin Wizard to battle the elements and yetis on the way to the […]

Angels and Demons Drop

NFT Drop Details: Drop Date: January 25 Drop Time: 13:00 UTC Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain Marketplace: https://liquidifty.io https://www.godsnlegends.com/anddrops About us: Gods and Legends is a successful nft collection, varified on […]