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Genesis Penguins

We’re dropping our collection of 10K Genesis Penguins (PFP) NFTs to the community on the Ethereum blockchain! NFT Drop Details: FREE TO CLAIM! MINT DATE: JANUARY 2022 CHAIN: Ξ ETHEREUM […]

Doodle Penguins

Doodle Penguins NFT Drop Details: The brightest waddle of penguins that you are going to find! 5,500 Doodled Penguins will be Stealth Launched on the Ethereum blockchain for 0.02 ETH. […]

The Penguins

Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, and our penguins live on the Solana blockchain. Their population is 4,444 unique penguins, all of whom want to meet you, become your […]

Angry Penguins

Angry Penguins – Public Minting 17th December 2021 Angry Penguins is a collection of 10.000 algorithmically generated Solana NFT’s with over 150 different traits, all of them hand-drawn. Our project […]