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Web3 Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol Decentralized Social Media Web3 community graph open source protocol Lens Protocol is in early stages but already has a lot of dapps, tools, video, social media and NFT content. Artists, coders, animators, content creators have new tools to upload and mint and share and have their content mirrored or shared or liked across […]

ETH to Polygon Bridge

With more and more NFTs, and NFT games and artists and projects using Polygon to airdrop or release or mint NFT collections and NFT games, avoiding the gas fees on ETH mainnet. If you’re into NFTs, you’ll inevitably get to the point where you’ll need to add the Polygon custom RPC mainnet, wrap ETH to […]

New Drops 9-17-21

Bunch of new Drops added to the calendar that came in over the past couple of days. I’m going to list all of them here and probably accompany this with a short Youtube video. Check them out, give me thumbs up and subscribe so I can keep this all going, cheers! https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/solana-penguins/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/adex-charity-nft-auction/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/pug-frens-nft-drop/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/the-rogue-sols/ […]