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New Drops 9-17-21

Bunch of new Drops added to the calendar that came in over the past couple of days. I’m going to list all of them here and probably accompany this with a short Youtube video. Check them out, give me thumbs up and subscribe so I can keep this all going, cheers! https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/solana-penguins/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/adex-charity-nft-auction/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/pug-frens-nft-drop/ https://www.non-fungi.com/drops/the-rogue-sols/ […]

NFT Calendar Drops

Sharing another NFT drop tour 5-3-21, from youtube a couple of guided tours of upcoming NFT drops. I’m trying to list as many NFT drops I can find in the new NFT Drop Calendar installed on non-fungi.com. Enjoy the video, and smash the like and subscribe, hit me up to list your upcoming NFT drop! […]

Crypto Donations

Hey guys, I just uploaded a how-to on Youtube about adding a crypto currency donation feature on your WordPress website. It’s a pretty cool plugin, and I was set up in minutes. Once you have the addresses you’ll be using from your exchange or wallet, gather the addresses for whichever crypto you want to add, […]